Zac Aynsley dives deeper into the dangers of misinformation on social media.

In our last interview segment with Zac Aynsley, we discussed the extreme dangers of social media in bodybuilding, specifically relating to misinformation spreading about performance enhancing drugs. In our latest follow up GI Exclusive interview clip, Zac Aynsley dives deeper into the dangers of misinformation on social media and shares vital advice on how to find the right kind of bodybuilding info from real experts.

While Zac focused on Tony Huge in our last video, he’s hardly the only person sharing dangerous information and showing injections on social media. Shocking and salacious videos drive attention – it’s been that way since before the internet. But now that it can be distributed at such a fast rate, Zac Aynsley believes it’s starting to become a massive problem.

But what angers him more than anything is that he sees a way to help filter the misinformation and dangerous advice being spread on social media. In his eyes it’s simple – start censoring more things on social media. Zac takes the example of nudity on Instagram. Nudity is not allowed on the social media platform, even though it can be argued that it is far less dangerous than things like violence or drug use. Zac wonders why visuals of drug injections aren’t automatically banned on Instagram like nudity is.

At the end of the day, Zac Aynsley sees this as a health risk for thousands if not millions of young people across the globe. He thinks larger corporations should take responsibility for what gets shared on their platforms.

But until that happens, Zac ends off our latest interview clip with some advice on how to be smart and find the right kind of information if you are looking to find ways to excel in bodybuilding. Do your research, talk to professionals, trainers, and doctors – but not just the first entertaining person you see on the internet. Take your time, talk to experienced pros, and find out what is real valuable information. It could not only save your career but also your health.

Check out Zac Aynsley’s full response on our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above!

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