Zac Aynsley has a big problem with Tony Huge.

Tony Huge has made it his mission to educate the world about taboo substances such as steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. He uses social media to spread his message to the masses. But many believe the kind of information he shares is actually misinformation and dangerous for younger impressionable followers. In our latest GI Exclusive, Zac Aynsley explains why he believes people like Tony Huge are putting innocent lives at risk.

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Zac Aynsley is a bodybuilder who has been very vocal about his distaste with the direction social media has been moving in the bodybuilding industry. Specifically the influencers that share videos of steroid injections and their cycles directly on social media. Zac believes this isn’t safe information from professionals but instead reckless suggestions that could seriously harm others who blindly follow along.

With the release of Enhanced 2 The Max, Tony Huge has been thrust back into the spotlight for his astonishing claims backed by his underground experiments. We asked Zack Aynsley what he thinks about someone like Tony Huge who claims to be sharing the truth proven by his experiments. But for Zac it’s all about the messaging. When he sees Tony Huge post videos showing injections in public or making claims such as steroids being healthier than a vegan diet… he can’t see anything positive about that kind of information. And worse, there will be young influential aspiring bodybuilders who believe it all and potentially ruin their health in the process.

“It’s all about whoever can bring as much attention to themselves as possible,” Aynsley says of the fitness influencer-social media complex. “It’s all drama, it’s all attention-seeking people…now it feels what’s gonna work to get the most views or the most engagement, the most interactions — and fans, that’s the upsetting thing — is posting the most outrageous, ridiculous videos. Like, I’m seeing guys injecting themselves on camera, not just in their own home, in gyms.”

Aynsley did not mince words talking about the problem with influencers like Tony Huge. Abuse of performance-enhancing drugs is a serious problem in the bodybuilding industry and can be especially dangerous when inexperienced amateurs are inspired by Olympia pros who have teams of doctors assisting them in making their decisions. Around the world, bodybuilders and powerlifters are taking increasingly desperate measures in the gym and risk being exposed to drugs that are low quality and have the potential to seriously damage their health. Even when administered carefully by a doctor, high quality steroids always pose a huge risk, so you can only imagine the type of damage that can be done by people like Tony Huge, who self-administer a drug of unknown quality.

You can watch our latest GI Exclusive interview clip with Zac Aynsley above to hear him further discuss his issues with Tony Huge and provide an alternative method to finding true information in bodybuilding.

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