The biography, life, and accomplishments of Zac Perna

Zac Perna is an online coach, fitness trainer, and YouTube star who has amassed a massive following online. He is now on a journey to become Australia’s leading fitness influencer.

Below is a complete breakdown of his profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Zac Perna (Fitness Model)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
156 lbs. 5’7” 07/05/1995
Profession Years Active Nationality
Fitness Model 10 Australian



Growing up, Zac struggled with his self-esteem. At the age of 15, he became interested in health and fitness and Zac’s brother helped him with his very first exercise plan and diet. As he started to take training more serious, he built his confidence along with changing his body. Zac instantly fell in love with the positivity he gains from fitness. The positivity sparks his desire to spread joy to others which eventually led him to start his career as an online coach and fitness guru.

Zac Perna is now an online coach, fitness trainer and YouTube star. He is on a journey to become Australia’s leading fitness influencer.

He is also a brand ambassador for Gymshark.


Chest Workout

Zac does a chest activation warmup routine to help avoid straining in the muscles when pressing heavy weight. He does 2-3 sets of standing cable flyes to activate his chest.

Exercise 1: Flat barbell bench press 4 x 8-10

Exercise 2: Incline dumbbell press 4 x 8-10

Exercise 3: Incline machine press 4 x 8-10

Exercise 4: Standing cable chest fly 4 x 8-10

Exercise 5: Ab rope crunch 3 x 20

Back and Biceps Workout

Zac likes to use hand grips for a variety of exercises. It helps with deadlifts, lat pulldowns and many other movements. The hand grips offer more wrist mobility and will save your grip process.

Exercise 1: Wide grip lat pulldown 4 x 12

Exercise 2: Rack pull 3 x 12

Exercise 3: Underhand pulldown 3 x 12 superset with reverse pec deck 3 x 12

Exercise 4: Seated row 3 x 12 superset with dumbbell delt raise 3 x 12

Exercise 5: Across the body hammer curl 3 x 10

Exercise 6: Incline dumbbell curl 3 x 10

Shoulder Workout

Zac’s warmup includes holding two light dumbbells and going through a variety of rotator cuff exercises. This helps his shoulder joints get lubricated and loose, before the workout begins.

Exercise 1: Seated barbell overhead press 4 x 8

Exercise 2: Rear/side/front raise x 3 working sets of 30 reps (10-12 each)

Exercise 3: Dumbbell shoulder press superset with bent over rear delt raise 3 x 12

Exercise 4: Cable side raise 3 x 10 superset with cable face pull 3 x 10-12

Exercise 5: Dumbbell shrug 4 x 10

Leg Workout

Zac’s likes to do light sets of hamstring curls before his leg workouts. Being that the hamstrings are a large muscle group in your legs, you do not want to pull them while doing heavy compound movements such as squats.

Exercise 1: Seated hamstring curl: 2 warm-up sets of 10 and 2 working sets of 10

Exercise 2: Hack squat: 3 warm-up sets of 10, 1 working set of 12 and 1 working set of 25

Exercise 3: Smith machine lunge: 1 warm up set and 2 working sets of 10

Exercise 4: Seated leg extension with the last set a drop set

Exercise 5: Single leg hamstring curl 3 x 12

Exercise 6: Lying leg curl 3 x 12



Zac enjoys eating clean, even when he is in a caloric surplus. He starts eating early during the day to make the process of bulking easier. Zac wakes up around 4:30am to have his first meal. Eating earlier gives your body time to digest, which can be difficult if you eat seven meals like Zac. Utilize foods that work for your body and won’t make you tired.

Meal 1: Tuna and rice

Meal 2: 2 pieces of fruit during workout

Meal 3: Rice flakes and crumpets

Meal 4: Beef Sugo and white rice

Meal 5: Salmon and egg rice

Meal 6: Chicken and sweet potato

Meal 7: Protein shake


Your meals do not have to be boring in order to get lean. Zac’s daily meals include foods like cereal and ice cream. He eats the healthier version of these foods to still satisfy his sweet tooth.

Meal 1: Japanese style omelet

Meal 2: Post workout protein bowl

Meal 3: Chicken tenders and potatoes

Meal 4: Chicken thighs and mixed vegetables

Meal 5: Protein ice cream

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