12 Fitness Equipment You Can Take With You While You’re Traveling

12 Fitness Equipment You Can Take With You While You’re Traveling

It takes a lot of discipline and grit to stick to the fit lifestyle, especially when you’re traveling. Traveling to a place which has no gyms near the place you’re staying can be a pain in the ass if you’re a fitness fanatic or it could be an easy way out of a workout if you’re not serious about training.

The equipment on this list isn’t going to be some dumbbells which you could take with you in the trunk of your car. We’ll be focusing on the portable equipment which can get the job done of giving you a hard workout.

Fitness Equipment You Can Travel With

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for the shorter exercise resistance bands which can be worn around the legs for exercises like the squats or longer bands which can be put on machines like the leg press to add constant tension on the muscles. TRX is also a great option for people who travel often.

Jumping Rope

The jump rope is one the best cardio workouts you can do when you don’t have an access to the cardio equipment. Jumping rope is easy to carry in almost any kind of travel bag and like almost every other item on this list, is effortless to set up.

Travel Yoga Mat

If you’re into yoga or like doing floor exercises, a yoga mat can be a lifesaver. Travel yoga mats are easy to strap onto your luggage and are better to work out on as compared to the hotel carpets or beds.

Core Sliders

Core sliders can set your core on fire in no time. Building a ripped midriff can be hard but a few cheat meals and drinks over a weekend are all it takes to lose it. Core sliders take up almost no space in your luggage and are worth carrying with you.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are the only types of weights we advocate taking with you on your trips. Adding just a little resistance to your core training can take your workouts and your results to a whole new level.

Mini Foam Rollers

Foam rolling can be one of the most effective ways to recover from a brutal workout and sore muscles. Mini foam roller makes rolling out the pain and soreness convenient. Your muscles will thank you for packing it with you.

Your Favorite Trainers

Almost everyone has a favorite pair of shoes they like to workout in. If you’re a runner, sticking to your runs shouldn’t be hard. If you’re a lifter, pack something you can run and stretch in.

Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is a complete core builder. You can work on your abs and obliques with the ab roller while improving your upper body strength and conditioning. Packing the ab wheel becomes easier after disassembling it.

Hand Grip Strengthener

Hand grip strengthener can be the perfect travel companion on a long flight or drive. The modern grip strengtheners have adjustable resistance settings and can be instrumental in building significant forearm muscle mass.

Doorway Chin-up Bars

The doorway chin-up bar could arguably the bulkiest item on the list. You can do a variety of exercises on the chin-up bar to target your upper body. The doorway chin-up bars are adjustable and can fit a door of almost any size.

Speed Ladder

Speed ladder is a must for people working on their conditioning and agility. The speed ladder can be used to do many cardio exercises and can take a lot of beating without wearing out.

Fitness Gadgets

The smartphone in your pocket and a smartwatch on your wrist can be great workout partners. There are many fitness apps which can help you in staying in shape and can do the tracking for you.

Do you travel with fitness equipment in your luggage?

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