Class Is In Session

When you think of a 132lb math teacher you’re probably picturing scrawny, pocket protector wearing, geek. Well apparently our education system has changed drastically because not only is Jennifer Thompson good with numbers, she’s also good at pushing them too.

Thompson, who’s been competing as a female powerlifter since 1999, gave the Liberty University football team something to cheer about after benching her personal best of 325 lbs in front of a crowded house. Johnson competes in the 138lb weight class and stands 5’5″ so naturally when she got a chance to show up some beefy footballers twice her weight she jumped at the opportunity.

Thompson credits her success to a eat, sleep, lift mindset and states her crowning achievement as breaking the wilks highest co-efficient record by benching 300 lbs at 131 bodyweight, phenomenal.

My most proudest moment was when I bench pressed 300lbs.(at 131lb. body-weight). I had been chasing it for years, coming close, but never quite getting there. It was the highest wilks co-efficient in history for men or women. I did it at The Arnold Classic which is an amazing event. The crowd is lively and my family was there to watch. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

When Thompson isn’t competing she’s busy being a mom and teaching high school mathematics, but don’t let that fool you, this 43 year old lifter has no thoughts of slowing down.

What do you guys think of her impressive bench press, will it make you think twice next time you see a math geek?

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