1952 Mr. Universe Winner Over 100 Years Old And Still In Shape?!

This 100 year old bodybuilder can kick your grandpa’s ass.

The title pretty much speaks for itself. There is someone out there still competing in bodybuilding competitions at the ripe age of 100. Let that sink in for a moment. Bodybuilding is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. It’s pretty clear that Manohar Aich has lived his life by that very philosophy. There are many retired amateurs and pros who claim to live a healthy lifestyle, keep training everyday, yet somehow look like they haven’t picked up a weight in years. The same can’t be said for Manohar who was still living in the gym after passing his prime.

Manohar discovered weightlifting during his stint in the armed forces, the Royal Air Force to be exact, in the 1940’s. His love of the sport didn’t even diminish when he was incarcerated for protesting against colonial oppression. While in prison he performed bodyweight exercises since there was a lack of equipment he could use. His dedication saw him make some impressive gains even while being locked up. That determination inspired the prison guards to provide Manohar with the kind of food and diet that would help him train and improve his physical development.

Generation Iron 100 Year Old Bodybuilder

Standing at 4’11”, Manohar became known as The Pocket Hercules in his heyday and became a fixture in the Indian bodybuilding and fitness community since the late 1940’s. His commitment to bodybuilding ultimately saw him entering bodybuilding competitions in Asia until he finally reached the world stage. After taking second place at the 1951 Mr. Universe, Manohar would return the following year and capture the top spot.

It’s clear that the man is dedicated to living the bodybuilding lifestyle and that mindset helped him compete in competitions all the way up to the age of 90. That’s a statement that many bodybuilders could never even hope to utter. Manohar could yell his achievements from the rafters and have the photo evidence to prove every single word.

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Generation Iron Old Bodybuilder