Generation Iron East Coast Results

Who came out on top in New Jersey?

The 2014 East Coast Championships just finished up this weekend – which was the last chance for NPC athletes to qualify for the Nationals next week. Much like the Eastern USA Championships, there were a whole bunch of competitors. So we’re only going to list who placed first in every category. Let’s get straight into the results.

Women’s Bodybuilding Over 35: Kristi McGrael
Women’s Bodybuilding Open HW: Kristi McGrael
Women’s Physique: Beth Moquin

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Overall Champion: Jonathan McGrael
Teen Bodybuilding (18-19): Christian Irizarry
Bodybuilding Over 35: Anthony DeAngelis
Bodybuilding Over 40: Jonathan McGrael
Bodybuilding Over 50: Sandy Sanchez

Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Overall Champion: Brandon Edwards
Bodybuilding Novice LW: Dave Savino
Bodybuilding Novice MW: Anthony Venterosa
Bodybuilding Novice LHW: Brandon Edwards
Bodybuilding Novice HW: Kevin Witkowski

Men’s Bodybuilding Open Overall Champion: Christian Salcedo
Bodybuilding Open BW: Save Savino
Bodybuilding Open LW: Arnaldo Santiago
Bodybuilding Open MW: Jed Alfalla
Bodybuilding Open LHW: Ross Ceasar
Bodybuilding Open HW: Christian Salcedo
Bodybuilding Open SHW: Derek Epstien

Men’s Physique Teen: Steven Lopez
Men’s Physique Over 35: German Rojas

Men’s Physique Overall Champion: Marc Roberts
Men’s Physique Open A: Yohan Gih
Men’s Physique Open B: Joshua Murray
Men’s Physique Open C: Anthony Scalza
Men’s Physique Open D: Marc Roberts
Men’s Physique Open E: Henry Dass
Men’s Physique Open F: Aaron Harvey

Figure Masters Overall Champion: Valesca Macedo
Figure Over 35: Rachel Domzalski
Figure Over 35 B: Valesca Macedo

Figure Novice Overall Champion: Samantha Smitchko
Figure Novice A: Samantha Smitchko
Figure Novice B: Keri McNally

Figure Open Overall Champion: Samantha Smitchko
Figure Open A: Rachel Domzalski
Figure Open B: Samantha Smitchko
Figure Open C: Karli Funk
Figure Open D: Shanique Grant

Bikini Novice Overall Champion: Liana Martinez
Bikini Novice A: Liana Martinez
Bikini Novice B: Chrystal Teco
Bikini Novice C: Shay Najarian

Bikini Open Overall Champion: Liana Martinez
Bikini Open A: Liana Martinez
Bikini Open B: Mai Fernandez
Bikini Open C: Jennifer Wright
Bikini Open D: Evelyn Garcia
Bikini Open E: Shay Najarian
Bikini Open F: Heather Loliger

That about does it for the 2014 East Coast Championships. Congrats to all who qualified for the Nationals and great respect to all who competed this weekend. You can see the full results right over at NPC News Online. Stay pumped.

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