Generation Iron Asia Pro Competitor list

Will Roelly Winklaar take first at the Asian Pro?

Another weekend is coming up, which means another pro bodybuilding competition is on it’s way. The European tour may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the pro bodybuilding superstars are done flexing on stage yet. Way over in Zhengzhou, China Roelly will compete in the ranks for another bodybuilding win.

The official competitor list has finally be released. So without wasting and more time – here’s it is:

IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Dainius Barzinskias
2. William Bonac
3. Dalibor Hajek
4. Essa Obaid
5. Ronny Rockel
6. Daniel Toth
7. Roelly Winklaar
8. Christopher Wong

The Asian Pro competition will be held this weekend on Saturday, Oct. 18th. Make sure to check in later this week for our official preview and predictions for the event. You can always get updates for everything bodybuilding by following our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.

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