Generation Iron Kentucky Muscle Pro

Who will have the most muscle in Kentucky?

This weekend is going to be packed to the gills with pro and amateur bodybuilding competitions alike. We have pro events in Iowa, California, and of course – Kentucky. It’s time for the Kentucky Muscle Pro 2014 competition where Men’s Physique and Pro Figure┬ácompete for the top prize.

The competitor list is out – so let’s get right to it.

Men’s Physique

1. Andre Adams
2. Michael Anderson
3. John Arterberry
4. Paul Batrony
5. Michael Blevins
6. Duane Brickhouse
7. George Brown
8. Marcellus Campbell
9. Jacques Dalce, Jr.
10. Damir Delic
11. Brian Epstein
12. David Gonzalez
13. Denis Gusev
14. Eric Heidelberg
15. David Herkovitz
16. Deverell Maxwell
17. Chris Mosher
18. Lance Phillips
19. Rodney Razor
20. Derrick Wade
21. Matthew Wold
22. Alp Yurteri

Pro Figure

1. Yolanda Anthony
2. Corinna Booth
3. Tatum Bounds
4. Jennifer Brown
5. Kim Clark
6. Jen Cordovez
7. Cheryl Davis
8. Sarah Dominguez
9. Krista Dunn
10. Maria Carcia
11. Renata Guaraciaba
12. Ivana Ivusic
13. Charmayne Jackson
14. Vanessa Jacobs
15. Olga Karavayeva
16. Kamla Macko
17. Bernadett Matassa
18. Samantha Maycock
19. Alina McCabe
20. Andy Page
21. Rachel Payne
22. Tara Ramos
23. DJ Rengert
24. Cinderella Richardson
25. Myra Rogers
26. Agnes Russo
27. Liane Seiwald
28. Carly Starling Horrel
29. Bernita Stuckey
30. Suni Sweeney
31. Jerrica Thomas
32. Teela Thompson
33. Chioma Uwasomba
34. Christina Watson
35. Megan Wyble
36. Emily Zelinka

There you have it. The complete list of competitors for this weekends Kentucky Muscle Pro 2014. Will you be at the event checking out the action? If not, don’t worry – we’ll have a report of the results to keep you updated. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the info right in the palm of your hand.

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