Generation Iron Nordic Pro 2014

The superstars may be absent but it will still be one hell of a show.

Tomorrow kicks off another leg of the European bodybuilding tour. Granted, a part of the tour that many less bodybuilders are attending – but there are still a few Olympia names showing up to grab another chance at glory. Here’s the list of competitors that are expected to compete:

Men’s Pro Bodybuilding

Steve Kuclo, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Alexey Lesukov, Russia
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Robert Burneika, USA
Ronny Rockell, Germany
Vladimir Agrinskiy, Russia
Dainius Barzinskas, Lithuania
Alex Shabunia, Belorussia
Nikitas Manolakas, Greece
Oleg Emelianov, Russia
Timo Honkala, Finland
Mario Van Steenberghe, Belgium
Rudy Richards, USA
Jeno Kiss, Hungary
Alexandre Nataf, France

Pro Bikini

Anna Virmajoki, Finland
Sara Back, Finland
Margret Gnarr, Iceland
Christina Strom Fjaere, Norway
Aly Garcia, USA
Lacey DeLuca, USA
Tawna Eubanks, USA
Jessica Renee, USA
Valeria Ammirato, Saksa
Noemi Olah, Hungary
Michelle Lewin, Venezuela
Anna Larsson, Sweden

Our Predictions

At first glance you may have looked at this Nordic Pro list and wondered, “Why should I care?” Yes, it’s true that the list of mega bodybuilding stars is short in supply – but that’s also what makes it exciting. Particularly because we still have Steve Kuclo and Generation Iron alum Roelly Winklaar competing in this one.

At the Prague Pro Roelly just beat out Steve Kuclo in fourth place – making this the perfect opportunity for Kuclo to try and get some revenge. Not only that, but revenge that can bring him a 1st place win this time. Without the rest of the mega competitors in the running – there’s a very good chance that Kuclo could get his third ever IFBB pro win of his career. The fight for first place is going to be a close one and we personally love it when there isn’t a guaranteed or obvious victor. Let’s hope this one keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Our prediction? We think that Kuclo will take the first place spot – creating another fantastic back and forth rivalry between himself and Roelly. Steve Kuclo is a bodybuilder who can be a top contender one day. His rise might be slow – but we’d love to see him in the top 6 of Olympia one day. Perhaps this weekend will be another step towards that goal.


You can check out all the information you need for the Nordic Pro by visiting their website right here. Also make sure to catch the results of the competition right here and get updates via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.

GI Team
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