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Where legends are born.

Can yo feel it? We’re inching closer and closer to full blown competition season. And this weekend we had another IFBB pro event and a new batch of winners to stand tall and proud of their accomplishments. Yesterday the 2015 IFBB Legends Pro competition brought out the best in our Pro Bikini competitors. So let’s take a look at the results:

Pro Bikini Results

1. Jamie Del Angel
2. Candice Chamberland
3. Christie Marquez
4. Cynthia Benoit
5. Tamara Haddad
6. Harriet Davis
7. Ruth Dales
8. Ashley Pfaff
9. Michelle Mein
10. Jessica James
11. Alicia Marie
12. Jade Caroll
13. Melissa Brizic
14. Lindsay Oxford
15. Nicole Markovic
16. Emma Fernandez
16. Chassidy Smothers
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Nana Kim
16. Satrice Rigsby

Pro Bikini Masters Results

1. Harriet Davis
2. Lisandra McGrath
3. Michelle Mein
4. Emma Fernandez
5. Melissa Brizic
6. Kat Ciresi
7. Lindsay Oxford

Congrats to all who competed and especially those who took the top spots. Share your competition excitement or give a shout out to a competitor you know in our comments section below. Or you can hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. Stay Pumped.

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