Generation Iron Governors Cup Results

Who became the new governor this weekend?

Figure, Men’ Physique, and Masters all competed this weekend in sunny California for the top pro spots at the IFBB Pro Governors Cup. We’ve got the complete list of results right here for you. So without any delay, let’s get to the placings.

Pro Men’s Physique

1. James Hurst
2. Logan Franklin
3. John Nguyen
4. Darnell Ferguson
5. Alex Carneiro
6. Tonnell Rodriguez
7. Devon Lindner
8. Robert Giles
9. Jonathan Sebasian
10. Sunny Akhigbe
11. Courtney Mayfield
12. Chris Ellis
13. Demetrious Clemons
14. Willie Spencer
15. Edgar Fernandez

Masters Physique

1. Robert Giles
2. Sunny Akhigbe
3. Chris Ellis
4. Demetrious Clemons
5. Willie Spencer
6. Edgar Fernandez

Pro Figure

1. Maria Luisa Beazia-Diaz
2. Wendy Fortino
3. Julie Mayer
4. Sheila Forjuoh
5. Tamara Sedlack
6. Carly Horrell
7. Bojana Vasiljevic-Obradovic
8. Krista Dunn
9. Angela Yamashita
10. Brittany Campbell
11. Natalia Fermin
12. Amanda Doherty
13. Darcy Defrees
14. Leah Berti
15. Kat Garcia
16. Karina Grau
17. Josie Zamora
18. Katie Luna
19. Carla Araujo
19. Carolyn Hudson-Harris
19. Hope Davis
19. Jassica Curry
19. Katerina Tarbox
19. Lacy Smith
19. Linda Nelson
19. Listy Monaghan
19. Vanessa Jacobs

Masters Figure

1. Tamara Sedlack
2. Krista Dunn
3. Angela Yamashita
4. Natalia Fermin
5. Amanda Doherty
6. Jennifer Vanzant
7. Josie Zamora
8. Carolyn Hudson-Harris
9. Jessica Curry
10. Katerina Tarbox
11. Vanessa Jacobs
12. Carla Araujo
13. Linda Nelson

That wraps up the results! A huge congrats to everyone who competed and especially to those who go the top spots. If you’d like to see the competition score cards – head on over to NPC News Online to get all the details. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on all major competitions and bodybuilding news. Stay pumped.

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