Generation Iron IFBB St. Louis Pro Results

Meet me in St. Louis.

Another pro contest went down in St. Louis this weekend and we have the results right here for you! The 2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro gave us another batch of high quality posing and physiques. Who got the top spots? Let’s take a look.

Pro Men’s 212

1. Charles Dixon
2. Thomas Anderson
3. Freddie McCray III
4. Daron Lytle
5. Rod Ketchens
6. Bryan Pazdzierz
7. Milton Holloway, Jr.

Pro Women’s Physique

1. Autumn Swansen
2. Sheronica Henton
3. Danielle Reardon
4. Leila Thompson
5. Loana Muttoni
6. Marga Lee Overby
7. Lise Thexton
8. Jennifer Robinson
9. Candrea Judd Adams
10. Tammy Patnode
11. Andrea Lenihan
12. Crystal Rieke
13. Nicole Carter
14. CeaAnna Kerr
15. Lynn Reif
16. Heather Barbee
17. Amanda Limas
17. Lisa Lopez
17. Maritza Martinez
17. Mica Schneider
17. Dona Pohl
17. Kimberley Raber

Pro Bikini

1. Brenna Martinez
2. Sarah LeBlanc
3. Michelle Sylvia
4. Kenea Yancey
5. Francesca Lauren
6. Vicki Counts
7. Annie Parker
8. Whitney Wiser
9. Lea Beaumont
10. Lauren Hoskins
11. Shawn Hektor-Lewis
12. Katherine Williams
13. Caryn Paolini
14. Jessica Landry
15. Tanya Rachan
16. Ruth Dallas

And there you have it. Another contest down in the 2015 bodybuilding season. As always, congrats to everyone who competed and to those who won top honors. If you want to see the official score cards from the event – just head on over to NPC News Online. We’ll be back with more results next week as the bodybuilding season continues. Stay pumped.

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