Generation Iron 2015 Phil Heath Classic Results

Top winners in the name of Phil Heath.

Another weekend, another round of bodybuilding competitions. This weekend’s biggest competition was the Phil Heath classic – which had a huge turn out with a ton of results. Not to mention a guest posing from the 4x champ himself Phil Heath. There’s a lot to go through here so let’s jump right into it. Here are the top results from the 2015 Phil Heath Classic.

Men’s Bodybuilding


Sung-Yong Jang

Super Heavyweight

1. Sung-yong Jang
2. Victor Bogdanov
3. Immanuel Saraiva


1. Jung Sop-won
2. Kang Sung-jin
3. Dale Robinson

Light Heavyweight

1. Luis Diaz
2. Marcus Wade
3. Blake Branch


1. Heath Dickens
2. Keith Cline
3. Arvin Moniri


1. Harvey Franks
2. Ibrahim Ruiz
3. Anthony Dorio


1. Brandon Evans
2. Dam Nguyen

Novice Bodybuilding

Novice Overall

Courtland Walker

Novice Heavyweight

1. Joshua Lewis
2. Zach Simons
3. Jason Brown

Novice Middleweight

1. Courtland Walker
2. Arvin Moniri
3. Kye Walcott

Novice Lightweight

1. Hunter Ducharme
2. Aaron Young
3. Ii Kyu Lee

Masters Bodybuilding

Masters Over 35

1. Daniel Washburn
2. Heath Dickens
3. Harvey Franks

Masters Over 50

1. Harvey Franks
2. Blayne Hare
3. Jerry Lewis

Masters Over 60

1. Alex Kinion
2. Jerry Williams
3. John Crocker

Teen Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Joshua Lewis
2. Kenny Valdes
3. Deionte Meredith-davis

Women’s Bodybuilding

Open Women

1. Monica Hale

Masters Women

1. Monica Hale

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