Toronto Pro Supershow 2016 Generation Iron

Nathan De Asha continues to rise.

The Toronto Pro might not hold the mega super stars like some of the bigger competitions – like the Arnold Classic or the Olympia. Heck, even the New York Pro was filled with incredible masters of mass and physique. But what is so great about a competition as prestigious as the Toronto Supershow is that we get to see some up and comers really shine. Case in point, Nathan De Asha, who has been killing it in every competition he has competed in ever since the BodyPower competition. He held his own pretty well against the giants who competed in the New York Pro – landing a seventh place victory. And now we see that strength isn’t just a fluke – as he’s destroyed the competition once again to land a first place victory last night. Check out the results right here:

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Toronto Pro Supershow Results

  1. Nathan De Asha
  2. Maxx Charles
  3. Fouad Abiad
  4. Ben Pakulski
  5. Jonathan Dela Rosa
  6. Ibrahim Fahim
  7. Iain Valliere
  8. Paulo Almeida
  9. Tomas Bures
  10. Fred Smalls
  11. Brian Yersky
  12. Grigori Atoyan
  13. Jon Anderson

That’s all we got for now – but make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for all things bodybuilding and entertainment. Stay pumped!

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