2017 Arnold Classic 212 Results

Who is the Arnold champion of the 212 division.

In 2016 the 212 competition was insanely close – it was a very amazing display of push and pull. So maybe it’s not surprising that this year’s Arnold Classic 212 competition was full of surprise after surprise. All starting with Hidetada not getting called in the first call out of the prejudging… would he be able to improve in time for the finals? Find out below with the official Arnold Classic 212 results:

2017 Arnold Classic 212 Results

1. Ahmad Ashkanani
2. David Henry
3. Jose Raymond
4. Guy Cisternino
5. Zane Watson
6. Hidetada Yamagishi
7. Charles Dixon
8. Kyungwon Kang
9. Quincy Winklaar
11. Mitchell Staats
12. Manual Manchado



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