2021 NPC National Championships Results and Scorecards

Carlos Thomas JrCarlos Thomas Jr. wins the overall championship. Here are the full results from the 2021 NPC National Championships!

The 2021 NPC National Championships took place on December 17th, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. This is the biggest NPC event of the year where many athletes competing in eight divisions hoping to earn their pro card. This is a chance for competitors to take the next step in their bodybuilding careers but also for fans to check out who has a chance to become the next big name in bodybuilding.

Carlos Thomas Jr. won the super heavyweight and overall championship along with the IFBB pro card. The full results from the show have been announced and pro cards have been handed out. There was a total of eight divisions with different breakdowns fighting for victories. Check out the results from the show along with the official score cards!

Men’s Bodybuilding


Champion – Carlos Thomas Jr.


First Place – Raymond Holguin

Second Place – Greg Yoshida

Third Place – Robert Longenecker

Fourth Place.- John McDonald

Fifth Place – Matthew Marcinczyk


First Place – Will Perrelli

Second Place – Ahmad Matour

Third Place – Carlos Ferreira-Poudevida

Fourth Place – Omar Colon

Fifth Place – John Andrews


First Place – Jordan Wise

Second Place – Travis Charles

Third Place – Farris Brown

Fourth Place – John McGovern

Fifth Place – Stuart Reed


First Place – Justin Jacoby

Second Place – Michael Ferris

Third Place – Erik Bachrach

Fourth Place – Michael Potts

Fifth Place – David Litsinger


First Place – Michael Connell

Second Place – Chanusi Heatley

Third Place – Anthony Ciacci

Fourth Place – Luis Garcia

Fifth Place – Scott Fogelsonger


First Place – Justin Shier

Second Place – Jordan Janowitz

Third Place – Walter Debbs

Fourth Place – Brandon Bell

Fifth Place – Timothy Cline


First Place – Carlos Thomas Jr.

Second Place – Nathan Spear

Third Place – Matt Burzacott

Fourth Place – Chris Fine

Fifth Place – Justin Abbott

Men’s Physique


Champion – Tom Cox

Class A

First Place – Donmarc Allen

Second Place – Jemiase Riggins

Third Place – Jeremy Marcotte

Fourth Place – Erik Nava

Fifth Place – Hakeem Benjamin

Class B

First Place – Christopher Casner

Second Place – Braden Wuerch

Third Place – Jonathan Smith

Fourth Place – Alton Craig

Fifth Place – Kian Kassraei

Class C

First Place – Howhyne Boreland

Second Place – Kenyon Leno

Third Place – Tuigamala Losefo

Fourth Place – Joseph Halabi

Fifth Place – Jems Melidor

Class D

First Place – Jibrael Hindi

Second Place – Derrick Odoms Jr.

Third Place – Flavian Villalobos

Fourth Place – Kyle Pebbles

Fifth Place – Kenneth Whiting

Class E

First Place – Hunter Axton

Second Place – Larry Johnson

Third Place – John Murphy

Fourth Place – Austin Witty

Fifth Place – Tyler Fluitt

Class F

First Place – Tom Cox

Second Place – Raphael Souza

Third Place – Ahmed Saleh

Fourth Place – Sheriff Taiwo

Fifth Place – Edward James

Class G

First Place – Raaziq Jones

Second Place – Natanael Voltaire

Third Place – Martin Todd

Fourth Place – Darnell Thompson

Fifth Place – Tremaine Speller

Class H

First Place – Joshua Boles

Second Place – Donald Brumfield

Third Place – Samuel Soto

Fourth Place – Melvin Keihn

Fifth Place – Jon Pennington

Classic Physique


Champion – Eric Abelon

Class A

First Place – Josbua Langbein

Second Place – Farris Brown

Third Place – Vincent Grant

Fourth Place – Hamzah Alkordy

Fifth Place – Andy Lagunas

Class B

First Place – Eric Abelon

Second Place – Fernando Inocencio

Third Place – Joseph Rose

Fourth Place – Kyle Pebbles

Fifth Place – Adely Annorat

Class C

First Place – Cody Acree

Second Place – Mitchell Tubbs

Third Place – Jonathan Allen

Fourth Place – Brad Pfeifer

Fifth Place – Daniil Famponte

Class D

First Place – Jordan Carroll

Second Place – Chris Ferman

Third Place – Tyler Mcclarren

Fourth Place – Austin Espy

Fifth Place – James Smith

Women’s Bodybuilding


Champion – Chelsea Dion


First Place – Barbi Harris

Second Place – Pam Hess


First Place – Amanda Purcell

Second Place – Amy Powers

Third Place – Leann George


First Place – Alexia Castro

Second Place – Mariah Passalacqua

Third Place – Hannah Hussein

Fourth Place – Camille Robbins

Fifth Place – Chereise Williams Hays


First Place – Chelsea Dion

Second Place – Marika Jones

Third Place – Selyka Givan

Fourth Place – Stephanie Biernacki

Fifth Place – Ursula Morrow



Champion – Amanda Kohatsu

Class A

First Place – Sierra Jones

Second Place – Myia Lynn

Third Place – Stephanie Herreira

Fourth Place – Myel Alfred

Fifth Place – Denitra Bruer

Class B

First Place – Amanda Kohatsu

Second Place – Brooke Foley

Third Place – Danielle Daley

Fourth Place – Julia Bickford

Fifth Place – Jenobia Chamberlain

Class C

First Place – Nathalie Nichols

Second Place – Liliana Garza

Third Place – Jessica Hamilton

Fourth Place – Kiera Gray

Fifth Place – Carly Craig

Class D

First Place – Ashleigh Cogan

Second Place – Amanda Penco

Third Place – Sheridan Johnson

Fourth Place – Destiny Butcher

Fifth Place – Jessica Cropper

Class E

First Place – Julia Monroe

Second Place – Meagan Beck

Third Place – Allie Combs

Fourth Place – Carolyn Dillon

Fifth Place – Megan Juedes

Class F

First Place – Nicole King

Second Place – Mallory Rosado

Third Place – Tausha Baker

Fourth Place – Yolanda Anderson

Fifth Place – Wendy Price

Class G

First Place – Laura Ehlen

Second Place – Candace Richardson

Third Place – Mary Dix

Fourth Place – Kiira Poux

Fifth Place – Carla Peltzer

Class H

First Place – Dominique Berridge

Second Place – Clarissa Fortune

Third Place – Victoria Howard

Fourth Place – Christina Nalley

Fifth Place – Tamera Malone Barrett



Champion – Brittany Gillespie

Class A

First Place – Jeralyn Mesa

Second Place – Sarah Burkett

Third Place – Noel Zayour

Fourth Place – Katerina Roisenvit

Fifth Place – Katina Villa

Class B

First Place – Elizabeth Cunningham

Second Place – Huyen Nguyen Winzler

Third Place – Mayra Oberti

Fourth Place – Deviana Fagan

Fifth Place – Karen Farias

Class C

First Place – Vesna Morales

Second Place – Marisol Sosa

Third Place – Flor Marin-Bukonja

Fourth Place – Sierra Rochelle

Fifth Place – Sarah Qamber

Class D

First Place – Brittany Gillespie

Second Place – Ashley Smith

Third Place – Danielle Kusenberger

Fourth Place – Kaylin Long

Fifth Place – Michelle Billett

Class E

First Place – Jordan Fisher

Second Place – Tamekia Carter

Third Place – Ukachi Onyeijaka

Fourth Place – Cara Hellevang

Fifth Place – Aubri Goudy

Class F

First Place – Eleona McCabe

Second Place – Jennifer Spreadbury

Third Place – Kaley Boaz

Fourth Place – Christina Friscia

Fifth Place – Rachel Mcintire

Class G

First Place – Adriana Izaguirre

Second Place – Haley Nugent

Third Place – Katherine Ziglar

Fourth Place – Carolina Tabai Pinese

Fifth Place – Tayler Lustig

Class H

First Place – Micaela Cristofaro

Second Place – Gyana Mella

Third Place – Tata Pavlovska

Fourth Place – Alissa Tonelli

Fifth Place – Violetta Queen

Women’s Physique


Champion – Julia Monroe

Class A

First Place – Amanda Kohatsu

Second Place – Amanda Purnell

Third Place – Amy Powers

Fourth Place – Ursula Morrow

Class B

First Place – Kim Klafczynski

Second Place – Bianca Villoch

Third Place – Olivia Luper

Fourth Place – Megan Beck

Fifth Place – Emilie Schmitt

Class C

First Place – Julia Monroe

Second Place – Lindsay Dias

Third Place – Melinda Kelley

Fourth Place – Marika Jones

Fifth Place – Chereise Williams Hays

Class D

First Place – Christina Reed

Second Place – Victoria Sargent

Third Place – Diamond Radivoyevich

Fourth Place – Kerlyne Alexis-Pinkins



Champion – Erewa Uku

Class A

First Place – Rayanne Collins

Second Place – Lili Dong

Third Place – Sheryl Rodriguez

Fourth Place – Shavonne Tedstone

Fifth Place – Anita Timofeyev

Class B

First Place – Victoria Puentes

Second Place – Jossiemar Rosado

Third Place – Amanda Burnett

Fourth Place – Diana Mazahreh

Fifth Place – Destiny Butcher

Class C

First Place – Lori Slayer

Second Place – Cristina Tate

Third Place – Karina Nicoldine

Fourth Place – Benji Lazzeretti

Fifth Place – Adriana Claro

Class D

First Place – Erewa Uku

Second Place – Carolina Garcia

Third Place – Samantha Baker

Fourth Place – Keana Burr

Fifth Place – Kara Mitchell

Generation Iron wishes to congratulate all the great athletes who earned a win at the 2021 NPC National Championships. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!

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