2023 Empro Classic Pro Results – Michal Krizo Wins Open Bodybuilding


Michal Krizo wins Men’s Open Bodybuilding Title at the 2023 Empro Classic Pro!

The 2023 Empro Classic Pro took place over the weekend in Alicante, Spain from June 16th – 18th 2023. There was a total of six divisions in the IFBB Pro League show with winners looking to qualify for the 2023 Mr Olympia contest. The divisions included Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness. The show was highlighted by IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Michal Krizo. 

The Olympia qualification system has changed this year. If an athlete did not finish in the top three in the previous year, or top five in Men’s Open, they will have to win a show to qualify. The points qualification system is no more. Also, former winners of an Olympia title have lifetime eligibility to the 2023 Mr. Olympia event taking place in Orlando, Florida November 2-5 2023.

Michal Krizo took the stage on Saturday after preparing for this event for months. Krizo burst onto the scene last year after making the move to the IFBB. He entered the weekend looking to qualify for his second-consecutive appearance in the Olympia.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, check out the full breakdown, along with an official scorecard. 

2023 Empro Classic Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Open: Michal Krizo
  • Classic Physique: German Pastor Cueto
  • Bikini: Ivi Escandar
  • Figure: Jennifer Zienert
  • Women’s Physique: Romana Skotzen
  • Wellness: Leonida Ciobu

2023 Empro Classic Pro Breakdown

Men’s Open

  • First Place – Michal Krizo 
  • Second Place – Andrea Presti
  • Third Place – Wellington Fernando Baptista
  • Fourth Place – Jose Manuel Munoz
  • Fifth Place – Roman Fritz
  • Sixth Place – Petar Klancir
  • Seventh Place – Joan Pradells Martinez
  • Eighth Place – Krystian Wolski
  • Ninth Place – Emir Omeragic
  • Tenth Place – Jorge Zamorano Avila

Classic Physique

  • First Place – German Pastor Cueto
  • Second Place – Antoine Loth
  • Third Place – David Martinez Campos
  • Fourth Place – Jhon Duque Montoya
  • Fifth Place – Francisco Navarro Hernandez
  • Sixth Place – Lucas Alexander Guido
  • Seventh Place – Junior Javorski
  • Eighth Place – Andre Gerstner
  • Ninth Place – Ryan Cartwright
  • Tenth Place – Jonathan Moreno


  • First Place – Ivi Escandar
  • Second Place – Cristobalina Pajares
  • Third Place – Sofia Maudos Pia
  • Fourth Place – Claudia Clemente
  • Fifth Place – Kristina Brunauer
  • Sixth Place – Lisa Reith
  • Seventh Place – Anna Setlak
  • Eighth Place – Aneta Szoltysek
  • Ninth Place – Ines Gentil Das Neves
  • Tenth Place – Marina Zhekova Marinova


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  • First Place – Jennifer Zienert
  • Second Place – Nadine Claudia Huber
  • Third Place – Rejoice Godwin
  • Fourth Place – Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Fifth Place – Daiane Aparecida Freitas
  • Sixth Place – Hannah Prause
  • Seventh Place – Anna Kochkar
  • Eighth Place – Helen Zavitsanou
  • Ninth Place – Paula Ranta
  • Tenth Place – Erin Thomson

Women’s Physique

  • First Place – Romana Skotzen
  • Second Place – Birgit Andersch
  • Third Place – Yaiza Miranda Gonzalez
  • Fourth Place – Sanna Nupponen
  • Fifth Place – Uta Koehler-Spitzbart
  • Sixth Place – Hayley Brylewski
  • Seventh Place – Mar Ruiz
  • Eighth Place – Carolina Fernandez
  • Ninth Place – Marina Kassinopoullou


  • First Place – Leonida Ciobu
  • Second Place – Sandra Colorado Acal
  • Third Place – Carolina Santana
  • Fourth Place – Lisa Meiswinkel
  • Fifth Place – Ruth Petizco
  • Sixth Place – Teresa Maria Sina
  • Seventh Place – Alexandra Maria Da Silva
  • Eighth Place – Catia Moreira
  • Ninth Place – Carlotta Tonelli
  • Tenth Place – Katia Hermes

2023 Empro Classic Pro Official Scorecards

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