2023 HYROX World Championship Results: McIntyre, Weeks Dominate

Hunter McIntyre and Lauren Weeks showcased dominance with big wins at the 2023 HYROX World Championships.

The 2023 HYROX World Championships Results are in as Hunter McIntyre and Lauren Weeks have emerged victorious in the Men’s and Women’s divisions respectively. Debuting in the UK for the very first time, the event took place on Friday, May 26, 2023, at the Central Convention Centre in Manchester.

Oftentimes compared to CrossFit, HYROX is the biggest indoor fitness event in the world. The hybrid fitness competition features either workout stations broken up into eight one-kilometer runs. With over 90,000 active competitors participating at HYROX events and growing, it’s becoming the biggest show in town for fitness races. Unlike other competitions such as Ironman, HYROX has been designed for any and everybody to compete, not just decorated athletes.


  1. One Kilometer Run
  2. One Functional Workout
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, 8 times

The 8 functional exercises are as follows:

A 6-time obstacle course racing (OCR) world champion, Hunter McIntyre would edge Alexander Roncevic to take first place at the event. Lauren Weeks on the other hand was able to reclaim her spot as World Champion after failing to capture the title in 2022. 2022 champion Kris Rugloski would go on to finish seventh while Megan Jacoby would take second.

2023 HYROX World Championship Full Results

Elite 15 Men’s Division Results

  1. Hunter McIntyre — 00:56:40
  2. Alexander Roncevic — 00:57:35
  3. Tobias Lautwein — 00:58:26
  4. Ryan Kent — 00:58:26
  5. Graham Halliday — 00:58:41
  6. Jonathon Wynn — 00:58:50
  7. Florian Gast — 00:59:59
  8. James Kelly — 1:00:12
  9. Tiago Lousa — 1:00:20
  10. Michael Sandbach — 1:00:30
  11. Tom Hogan — 1:00:47
  12. Joffrey Voisin — 1:01:11
  13. Peter Schiller — 1:02:30
  14. Dylan Scott — 1:04:13
  15. David Magida — 1:09:41

Elite 15 Women’s Division Results

  1. Lauren Weeks — 00:59:51
  2. Megan Jacoby — 1:00:23
  3. Belle Macfarlane — 1:02:11
  4. Vivian Tafuto — 1:04:04
  5. Viola Oberlander — 1:04:07
  6. Rebecca Mason — 1:04:25
  7. Kris Rugloski— 1:05:05
  8. Janne Thomsen — 1:05:34
  9. Alina Willnow — 1:05:38
  10. Terra Jackson — 1:05:50
  11. Linda Meier — 1:06:58
  12. Alandra Greenlee — 1:08:29
  13. Jezabel Kremer — 1:09:21
  14. Antje Hardes — 1:12:56

Elite Men’s Division Top 3


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Men’s Division First Place: Hunter McIntyre

Two-time HYROX world champion Hunter McIntyre repeats at this year’s event. Securing victory in 2020 and 2022, McIntyre showcased just how impressive he is with this dominant 2023 showing. McIntyre would pull away from the crowd with his performance in the Ski Erg event having a 20-second lead in the sled pull. He would finish with a full-minute lead ahead of runner-up Alexander Roncevic.

Men’s Division Second Place: Alexander Roncevic

After taking third at the 2022 HYROX World Championships, Alexander Roncevic has risen to second in 2023. While McIntyre may have pulled away from the crowd, the battle for second through fourth was intense. Roncevic was in third place until his performance in the wall ball exercise where he would cement himself as the runner-up.

Men’s Division Third Place: Tobias Lautwein

2021 HYROX World Champion Tobias Lautwein would make his return after not competing in 2022. While he wasn’t the fastest at any given station, save for the farmer’s carry where he finished with the best time, Lautwein would remain in the middle of the pack for the other stations. It would be his performance in the wall ball station that he would narrowly beat out Ryan Kent to finish third overall.

Elite Women’s Division Top 3


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Women’s Division First Place: Lauren Weeks

Having won in 2020 and 2021, Lauren Weeks would be at less than a hundred percent in 2022 due to pregnancy. Weeks would return in 2023 where she would win several fitness races including the 2023 European Championships. From her performances, it was clear that Weeks was hunting for top honors at the world championships and put in an impressive performance shutting down the other Women’s Elite competitors.

Women’s Division Second Place: Megan Jacoby

Coming in second place, Megan Jacoby showcased that she has the potential to become an HYROX World Champion in the future. Finishing second fastest in four of the eight stations, it’s clear that Jacoby has all the potential in the world to become a major threat at future shows. But while she showed great prowess in the burpee broad jump and row stations, Jacoby would ultimately finish with a time 32 seconds behind the eventual winner Weeks.

Women’s Division Third Place: Belle Macfarlane

Scoring an impressive finish at the HYROX Anaheim race, Belle Macfarlane entered the world championships as one to watch. While she may be fairly new to competitive HYROX races, Macfarlane showcased she has a ton of physical prowess. Bursting out of the gates with a fast first run, she would ultimately finish in the bottom third at the Ski Erg station. She eventually work her way back into contention with impressive showings in the sled push, lunges, and wall ball stations. This secured her third-place finish as she finished with an overall time just under two minutes behind second-place winner Jacoby.

When Does The 2024 Season Start?

With the upcoming 2024 season officially starting on June 2, 2023, in Rimini, Italy, with another event on June 10, 2023 covered by Generation Iron in New York, the next season is sure to start with a bang.

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