4 Weeks Out From The Olympia, Big Ramy Is Looking Lean And Mean!

Big Ramy is declaring war on the Open Weight division.

As the Olympia steadily approaches the competitors are all ready to prove to themselves and the fans that they are the best at what they do. The Olympia showcases the best of the best all on one stage in hopes of proving who should be champion. In the Open Weight category the reigning king Phil Heath has had a tight strangle hold division for six years now. From the looks of things there seems to be no end in sight of Heath giving up his title. But there are some competitors out there that disagree with that sentiment. One of them is Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

Ever since coming onto the scene back in 2013, Big Ramy has proven himself to be a fan favorite with a ton of potential to pull off some major upsets in the Open Weight division. While he may not have been able to topple Phil Heath in previous years, it’s becoming evident that he’s improving with every passing year. At the 2016 Olympia Big Ramy was able to break into the top five taking fourth place behind Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, and Dexter Jackson. That in itself shows that Big Ramy is of the same caliber as these decorated veterans.

Four weeks out from the 2017 Olympia, Big Ramy is putting his competition on notice and letting the world know just how hungry he is for victory. From the looks of things, it appears that Big Ramy is playing for keeps.

What do you think of Big Ramy pulling off the upset?

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