Generation Iron High Workout Song

It’s 4/20 and you know what that means.

You’re aiming for high gains in the gym this week – so what better way to get things started off right with a kick ass song that’s sure to put you in the right frame of mind. Many people have theorized about the affect of smoking weed and weightlifting. There has been a clear correlation between the two and it appears that some weed consumption could do wonders for your lift. In honor of 4/20 we’ve selected a track that both shows appreciation for the sweet leaf and will get you pumped up to lift heavy.

This song will get you fired up in the gym to get all the gains you seek. Burn fat and pack on muscle with this track from Black Sabbath. “Sweat Leaf” is a high intensity track off the classic group’s album Master of Reality that’s sure to put some adrenaline into your lifts.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Sweet Leaf
Artist: Black Sabbath
Album: Master of Reality


Crank up some Black Sabbath and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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