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Squats or Leg Press?

THIS OR THAT WITH JESSENIA VICE – takes two highly debated fitness topics and compares them to determine the best solution for maximizing your bodybuilding lifestyle. The best part? We let you decide the winner to be announced by Jessenia the following week. We raise the facts, you choose the champion. New episodes every Thursday!

Squats are one of the “big three” classic exercises that are used by almost all fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. It’s so important, in fact, that many might look at you strange if you don’t include it into your workout regimen. But for those who don’t like doing the classic squat – there is the leg press machine to help you out. But is one better than the other? This week Jessenia Vice breaks down the squat and the leg press and then YOU decide which is best in the gym. Watch our This Or That episode above!

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