A 440-Pound Man Overcame Self-Esteem Problems And Transformed Into Bodybuilding Champion: “I Was Too Fat For Sex”

Leonardo Mahcado lost an insane amount of weight and turned into ab bodybuilding champion.
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Leonardo Machado had difficulty finding a partner before he was able to completely change his body.

Leonardo Machado is a man who used to weight 440 pounds and struggled with self-esteem issues that impacted his personal life. Now, Machado has transformed himself into a bodybuilding champion following a complete change in his lifestyle.

At 11 years old, Machado weighed 220 pounds and this doubled as he became an adult. The native of Sao Vicente, Brazil was informed by doctors that he would not live to see 30 if he did not make a change. Machado was determined to make a change for both his health and social life.

Machado completely transformed his diet plan and hit the gym on a daily basis. Mentally, he came so confident that he ended up competing on the bodybuilding stage. This confidence also allowed Machado to speak to women and open up about his virginity with local media.

“I was afraid to even talk to women, I thought I was a freak. I can’t be ashamed to talk about issues like virginity because there are other people going through what I went through.”

Machado struggled with his image for nearly a decade. He admitted to not having a conversation with a woman for years when he lost his virginity at 29 years old.

“I had a huge complex about my body and I was even afraid of talking to women.

I felt ashamed to go to the market because they looked at me in the street with pity and disgust. I didn’t take care of myself. I wore any kind of clothes, even torn ones, and I literally had no self esteem.”

Leonardo Machado dropped an insane amount of weight using a balanced diet plan and frequent trips to the gym. This is where he was able to speak to a woman again.

“I was really embarrassed but I looked at my self in the mirror and said ‘I’m not that guy anymore. There’s no reason to be afraid and I’m not afraid. I’m someone else.'”

Leonardo Machado was able to make incredible improvements, both mentally and physically. Now, he possesses the courage needed to compete on the bodybuilding stage and has completely transformed his mindset as well. Machado is confident and

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