5 Bodybuilding Legends Before They Were Famous

A video from the YouTube page ‘BODYBUILDING‘ is a compilation of young versions of some of bodybuilding biggest stars.

First up is a clip of young Phil Heath competing at a show. His talent is on full display. Of course he has his signature impressive arms and quads. His conditioning is also impressive for a show so early in his career. At this point, what Phil lacked most was arguably width to his back. He would work hard to improve that for later shows.

Next comes training footage of Ronnie Coleman. He looks shockingly different as a young man – with great hair and a mustache- but still is immediately recognizable. His prodigious body and infectious charm have apparently been lifelong possessions.

Then comes a man who at first is not so easy to recognize- Jay Cutler. He seems to be in good spirits stretching out before a show. Sheer width and swollen quads are his most striking assets here as he poses for the camera.

Arnold appears next, doing concentration curls in a park. He bounces his pecs and runs through some poses for the camera. his upper body looks impressive, with all the trademarks that would define his physique in coming years, and yet his face betrays his youth. He still lacked the attitude and captivating presence that would allow him to transcend the sport of bodybuilding later in life.

Last is Dorian Yates from an early competition. His hair is something spectacular. Although he clearly lacked the size he would obtain through his career, his conditioning was outstanding. the body on stage is well- balanced, and well-displayed. Dorian moves smoothly and with proper emphasis. His back lat spread, as always, is a show-stopper.

This footage offers a fascinating look into the past that reminds us all that these legends were not just born champions. Yes they had potential, but is was a long and difficult road to the iconic status we afford them today. Watch it below.

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