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Let the synthol users march in.

These days everyone is looking to improve themselves. No one wants to be the guy that’s considered normal or average. So many people out there are looking to achieve a physique that can’t be matched and in many ways there’s nothing wrong with that. Self improvement can be a great thing. Even training to improve ones physical form has its spiritual and mental benefits. You gain confidence, learn how to manage your nutrition to make better diet choices, and can even help improve those around you with the knowledge you’ve gained.

But not everyone is the same. Some people are just lazy and there’s no getting around that. A lot of people want to improve themselves, but not so many want to put the hard work in to make that happen. If gaining muscle or losing fat was that easy then everyone would be in tremendous shape. Unfortunately for the lazy ones out there, things aren’t so simple. There’s no magic pill or fast track way to getting in shape. Or least that’s what most normal people understand.

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Some people can’t beat their laziness however and choose the quick and easy route. It’s undoubtedly the mentality of your run of the mill synthol user. Synthol freaks have all the desire to get big but none of the work ethic that’s required. They rather just pump their bodies with junk and let the chips fall where they may. In the end they’re only hurting themselves, but we’re the people that have to suffer through looking at these lazy monsters.

If you were ever wondering if synthol is for you (and why the hell would you) then take a good look at these 5 synthol offenders that are sure to change your mind. And just to clear confusion – the video might say “7 Crazy Synthol Fails” but there’s actually only five.

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