50 Cent Joins Triller Coverage Calling Holyfield Vs. Belfort

50 Cent Evander Holyfield boxing

50 Cent joins a long list of star names set to comment on the Holyfield Vs. Belfort fight.

The Holyfield vs Belfort match was already set to be a massive moment in boxing history in and of itself. But now the amount of star power entering the broadcast commentary. Triller had already announced Donald Trump will be providing his own commentary for the event. It now seems that 50 Cent will also be providing color commentary calling Holyfield vs Belfort.

As reported by TMZ, 50 Cent will be joining coverage for the big event. But before you get excited about the idea of 50 Cent and Donald Trump side by side – the hip hop star will be on a different broadcast than the former President of the United States. According to TMZ’s sources, 50 Cent will be filling in for Snoop Dogg’s usual color commentary role.

While some fans may miss the often funny commentary from Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent is also a huge boxing fan known for his strong comments and antics. So we can expect the broadcast to also be entertaining and memorable for this big face off.

Derek Dufour
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