Generation Iron Abs Six-Pack

Sculpt the prefect abs.

Here are GI’s Top exercises to work your core and get you on your way to sculpting six-pack abs (or perfecting the one you already have).

1) Crunches

There’s a reason the fitness world is so crazy about crunches. They work. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your arms crossed over your chest. Lift only your shoulders and upper back, and then return to the floor position. (Note: Avoid relying on momentum to move your body up and down. Maintain complete control of your abs at all times.)

2) Sit-Ups

Don’t overlook the power of sit-ups. The position and technique of a sit-up is the same as a crunch but you should lift your entire back all the way up until you are almost sitting on the floor. This is a great way to challenge your abs while also working your legs in a way that crunches do not.

3) Vertical Leg Crunches

Raise your legs in front of you and hold them there. (If you need to, bend your knees depending on what is most comfortable for you.) With your legs suspended in the air, perform a set of crunches. This is essentially an intensified crunch that places extra emphasis on your obliques.

4) Bicycles

Lie on the floor with your knees bent over your chest and your hands behind your head. Twist your body so that your right elbow almost touches your left knee while simultaneously straightening your right leg. Now perform the reverse motion by bringing your right knee back to your chest and twisting your body so that your left elbow almost touches it. When you repeat the motion back and forth, it should resemble the motion of cycling.

5) V-Ups

Lie down on the floor with your legs flat and your arms stretched behind your head. Lift your legs off the floor as high as you can while simultaneously raising your arms above your head. Try to touch your toes in the air and then slowly bring both your arms and legs back to the ground. (Note: Do not let your legs touch the floor before beginning the next rep.)

6) Knee-Ins

Sit on the floor (or a chair or bench if that’s easier) and pull your knees in towards your chest with your arms at your sides. Once you pull your knees in as much as you can, extend them back in front of you, focusing on the tension in your lower abs. This is an excellent way to work your lowers abs.

7) Leg Lifts

Lie on the floor with your arms flat at your sides. Lift your legs as high as you can (try and form a 90° angle with your body) and slowly lower them back to the floor. (Note: Again, don’t let your legs touch the floor in between reps. If you need to, let them hover just above the floor before lifting them again.)

Perform a few sets of each of these exercises during your workouts and you’ll be on your way to the abs you’ve always wanted in no time.

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