A Pros Responsibility: Bodybuilders Need To Stop Lying To Their Fans

The whole truth and nothing but.

It’s something that may be touched on but at times is never truly explored by your average bodybuilding website. Many sites out there will simply speak on the fact that you can be like any other bodybuilder if you simply eat right, train hard, and be consistent. While it may have a great deal to do with getting to the level of a pro, the reality is that you can’t look like a top bodybuilder simply relying on hard work. Bodybuilders get an extra kick in order to help push their physiques to another level. While that may be something that fans already speculate about, is it irresponsible of the athletes to perpetuate this commonly told lie?

For the average Joe and Jane looking to get shredded, a bodybuilder is look on as the epitome of physical perfection. Whether men admire the mass monster look or that of a physique competitor or women admire bikini competitors, the truth is that hard work is essential to get the job done. But they’re also getting a little extra help from outside sources to get them to where they need to go. Rather than tell their fans and followers that all it takes is dedication, they should be truthful about the fact that in order to look like them it’s going to take more than just a good diet plan. Tell the people that anabolic substances are needed in order to get to certain levels of shred as well as raw genetic potential.

Now, it’s equally as irresponsible to just reveal your cycle to the world. People are impressionable and will jump on anything they believe can help their fitness journey. The unfortunate part about that is the fact every individual is different so a cycle that works for one person may not work for another. But bodybuilders should aim to be truthful about a average person’s chances of making a remarkable transformation. It certainly possible to get into great condition, but to think you’ll transform into the next Phil Heath by following his diet and training program is foolish.

We love when bodybuilders decide to reveal the workouts that have pushed them to inhuman levels. But if more bodybuilders revealed the truth about their steroid use then at least others looking to get into the industry understand the risks and what they’re really getting themselves into. Seth Feroce is an example of a bodybuilder who tells it like it is with no sugarcoating, but still remains responsible with the information he reveals. Steroids are apart of the sport and ignoring that fact doesn’t help. People destroying themselves in the gym to transform into a massive, shredded beast will be disappointed once they find out that they lack the genetics or that they needed the right gear to get them to the next level.

Sure, you can write this rant off as nothing but nonsense. Ultimately the pros don’t have to tell the fans anything about their cycles and what they do behind the scenes. But that kind of candid truth will only help their fans rather than hurt them by not revealing the entire truth.

What are your thoughts on a bodybuilder’s responsibility to tell the truth?

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