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You need the Sandow and the stats to be considered the greatest of all time.

A CONVERSATION WITH ANDRE FERGUSON – is a five part sit down interview with Andre after his explosive win at the Arnold Classic 2018 and his controversial beef with Brandon Hendrickson that made waves on the internet. In an industry that often plays by the rules, it’s rare to see a competitor so outspoken with no filter. And Andre lets it all out in this sit down interview! New episodes air every Wednesday!

Andre Ferguson has had one hell of a year in 2018. He destroyed the competition with an epic win at the Arnold Classic and then later made waves on the internet with a very outspoken and harsh beef against Brandon Hendrickson. That’s why director Vlad Yudin wanted to sit down with Andre to dig deeper into the unfiltered psyche of this talented Men’s Physique competitor.

In Part 1 of our five part interview, Andre Ferguson talks about wanting to be the greatest – but that doesn’t simply mean winning the Mr. Olympia competition. As he puts it, winning the Olympia is a grand achievement… but if you don’t have the stats to back it up and if you ONLY compete in the Olympia year after year with no other accomplishments – you aren’t truly the greatest. Andre points out Dexter Jackson, a Mr. Olympia champion who also makes a point to compete in every other major competition. Why? To be able to call himself the champion of each and every one of those major shows.

To Andre, that is the true mentality of greatness. If you avoid every other competition and only win repeat victories in the Olympia… he doesn’t care if you have seven Sandow trophies; that still does’t make you the greatest.

Andre also goes into detail about the true differences between the divisions of Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Men’s 212, and Men’s Open. And why it’s an insult to consider divisions like Men’s Physique or Men’s 212 “transition divisions.” Check out part 1 of the interview above!

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