Dexter Jackson discusses Ronnie Coleman’s health issues in the face of his dedication to bodybuilding.

A CONVERSATION WITH DEXTER JACKSON – is a five part sit down interview with Dexter Jackson – the most decorated bodybuilders to ever exist in the sport including one Mr. Olympia win and five Arnold Classic victories. Dexter discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his legacy, his future, and the current state of bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

In the fourth part of our five part sit down interview with Dexter Jackson, we touch upon the subject of Ronnie Coleman. An 8x Mr. Olympia champion and one of the most legendary athletes in the sport – Ronnie has faced a large amount of health issues post-retirement including a double hip replacement surgery and multiple spinal surgeries. While not 100% confirmed – these surgeries are most likely do to his hardcore and heavy training style during his prime… and his dedication towards still lifting to this day.

Director Vlad Yudin asks Dexter, a bodybuilder who prides himself on building a spectacular physique through lifting lighter weight, what his take is to Ronnie’s health issues and constant dedication towards trying to get back into the gym after so many surgeries. Dexter thinks it might be time to “let it go” in the face of so much pain.

In this episode, Dexter also discusses the Camel Crew and where their place will be in the history of bodybuilding and if Shawn Rhoden’s win at the Olympia 2018 will start a change in the kinds of physiques that get rewarded for the coming years. Check it all out in this week’s episode of A Conversation With Dexter Jackson above!

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