This Could Be The Best Method To Turn You Into A Deadlift God

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Increase your deadlift with these great tips as you seek to lift that monster weight.

Bodybuilding is all about improving your physique and taking yourself to the next level. Once you start down the path of a bodybuilder, see the results and improvements, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever stop bodybuilding and that’s a fact. But while looking strong certainly has its benefits, being strong is the name of the game. There’s no point in being big without having some big strength to go along with it. If you’re a lifter looking to build your strength, then these deadlift workout tips are worth adding to your routine.

The squat is certainly the king of all lifting exercises, but there’s a reason why deadlifts aren’t performed on a weekly basis. So many lifters only do deadlifts a few times per month, particularly heavy deadlifts. But it’s all in how you train and the reality is that if you want to get really good at something then you’ll have to have some patience and take some time before seeing some legitimate growth.

With an exercise like the deadlift that’s doubly true. Where so many people obsess over how much weight is on the bar, you should instead focus on building your technical ability. The more you understand how a lift works, the better the results will be once you decide to up the weight on the barbell.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to increase your deadlift so you start lifting some seriously heavy weight. With proper technique and a real focus on form, your gains will improve and you will be a monster for sure in the gym. The deadlift can be great when done right and it is important to take care of yourself so you can keep up with the gains and not find yourself in a world of pain and soreness.


Benefits Of The Deadlift

The deadlift is an exercise to work both upper body and lower body muscle groups and should not be overlooked. A great exercise for strength, balance, stability, and a test of sheer will, this lift is certainly one to put into your workouts.

Benefits include:

  • Increase strength and size: By working many muscle groups, you leave your body no choice but to grow. This can also aid in functional strength for those everyday activities and movements (1) so you see some real gains.
  • Enhance grip strength: With an emphasis on having a solid grip, it is important to focus on that grip to benefits strength in your fingers and forearms (2).
  • Balance and stability: This lift requires a high degree of core strength and will work to keep you as grounded so you can lift that massive weight. Stability will also improve with this lift as well.
  • Injury prevention: By working on strengthening your muscles, as well as your joints and tendons, this lift can provide great support to alleviate any potential injuries that may arise (3). With a focus on form, you won’t feel the need to overwork or use underdeveloped muscles for support.

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Best Ways To Improve Your Deadlift

Now that you’re here, you are looking for the best ways to improve your deadlift. By focusing on certain points, you will surely start to see those gains you want most.

1. Work On Accessory Movements & Exercises

The deadlift works many muscles and it is important that they are all strong so you don’t use underdeveloped muscles for extra support. This can result in unwanted pain and injury. With accessory movements and assistance exercises, you start to focus on those weak areas to make sure you promote all around better strength.

2. Work On Grip

By working on grip, you take away the chance of injury in your forearms and fingers, vital points of attachment for the deadlift. Using something like weightlifting gloves or lifting straps can help reinforce better form and help you out when it comes to grip.

Check out our lists of the Best Weightlifting Gloves and Best Lifting Straps for some awesome products to help strengthen your grip!

3. Progressive Overload

This will help build strength and break through any plateau that may be causing your gains to slack. With progressive overload you can increase not only your one rep max but also how much you weight you lift in general and how much rest you have in between sets.

4. Hips Down & Open Chest

An open chest will eliminate curving of your spine and will also allow better movement from your lats, which are essential back muscles for the deadlift. With your hips down, you focus on better balance and stability to also improve form.


5. Look For Deadlift Variations

Focusing on variations will allow for a different perspective on the deadlift as opposed to just the traditional deadlift. Variations include farmer’s walks, the Sumo deadlift, Romanian deadlift, or the Deficit deadlift which is also a great way to boost progressive overload and really see some great gains.

Wrap Up

The deadlift is a great exercise to build strength and size while also aiding in everyday movements and those that are more sport specific. Looking for ways to better your deadlift can ensure a more solid form to keep you physically healthy as well as boosting strength so you can be a monster in the gym. Knowing the benefits and how to properly perform a deadlift are great for all your needs and can provide for a great workout to better yourself as an athlete and bodybuilder. Give the deadlift and its variations a try to really see those improvements you want most.

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