Vlad Yudin & Aaron Singerman look back on the tragic death of Dallas McCarver and how it affected the bodybuilding industry.

On August 22, 2017, the bodybuilding world fell into tragedy upon the news of Dallas McCarver’s death. The talented bodybuilder was only 26 years old. His passing sent shockwaves through the bodybuilding community. Aaron Singerman was not only a man who signed McCarver as a sponsored athlete – but was also very close with him as a friend. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Aaron Singerman reflects back on Dallas McCarver’s passing and how it affected the bodybuilding industry in hindsight.

While many are calling 2020 one of the worst in recent history (which is likely true on the grand scale of things), 2017 was also a low year for bodybuilding. This was due in part to the passing of Dallas McCarver. Just one month later, Rich Piana also passed away.

This led the bodybuilding community to start thinking aloud – was there a problem with the health of bodybuilding athletes? Why were they dying so young. Of course, it should be noted that two tragically young deaths are not a real pattern in the bigger picture of bodybuilding. Regardless, the conversation swirled. Would it change the future of bodybuilding.

Now just over three years after Dallas McCarver’s death, we can use hindsight to see if anything really has changed in the sport. We can also more clearly gauge whether or not anything needed to change. Was the backlash online simply a passing trend like so many other criticisms on the web?

During our video interview with REDCON1’s Aaron Singerman, we took some time to ask him about his relationship to Dallas McCarver and his eventual death. Aaron Singerman was a name that was put under fire by the bodybuilding community online. Some blamed him for the death of McCarver – claiming that he pushed the bodybuilder too far past his limits.

Now with time giving us all a better view of the entire situation – Aaron Singerman reflects back on McCarver’s death and how it affected him personally. He also talks about his though process moving ahead with REDCON1. What was appropriate to do when the athlete was such a big face of the brand? And how did Singerman deal with the extremely harsh criticism thrown his way?

Aaron Singerman has no problems opening up about everything. He details his reaction to the death, how time has affected his thoughts and feelings about what transpired, and also how he plans to continue to commemorate McCarver via REDCON1.

You can watch Aaron Singerman’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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