Check out this incredible compilation of workouts that has to be seen to be believed.

Never blame your gains or your goals on your equipment. Some people talk a big talk about having the latest and greatest machines, the most up-to-date gyms, the most expensive equipment, but what does any of that really matter? The truth is, you will always get out of working out what you put into it, and what you put into it will always be about your body and never be about how good the equipment you’re using is. The greatest gym in the world could never make a weak man strong. But, conversely, a truly dedicated bodybuilder could achieve an incredible physique with nothing but a dumbbell.

Just look at some of the bodybuilders in this video. Many of them are training outdoors or at home under informal circumstances. Some of them are even using equipment they made themselves. But they all still have incredible physiques because they all put the time and effort in to get swole.

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