Akim Williams shares a variety of offseason training tips including how to bulk without gaining too much fat.

Akim Williams is a pro bodybuilder rising in the ranks and predicted to be a true threat at Mr. Olympia in 2021 and beyond. So we connected with Akim to talk in detail about his current training regimen. What tactics and tips can up-and-coming bodybuilder learn from his progress? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Akim Williams explains how to properly bulk to build muscle without gaining too much fat.

Beyond his rise in competitions, Akim Williams has always been known for his incredible mass monster size and strength. Similar to the likes of Big Ramy, Williams has no issue on building massive muscle size. Instead, his focus is now bringing in conditioning and lagging body parts to become unstoppable.

Based off his recent rise in placings over the past year – it seems that Akim Williams is further perfecting his training and dieting. That’s why during our video interview we asked Akim to break down ultimate offseason tips for building massive muscle.

He goes into detail about free weights vs machine training and how to sculpt rock hard abs as a mass monster bodybuilder. But most importantly, he discusses the proper way to build muscle mass without gaining too much fat during the bulking process.

Most (but not all) bodybuilders go through a typical bulking and cutting cycle. The bulking phase, as it sounds, consists of building as much mass as possible. This is done during the offseason far before a competition. The cutting phase is when focus is put on cutting fat and water weight to sculpt the bulked muscle into shredded conditioning.

During bulking, some bodybuilders will consume everything and anything to build more mass. But that’s not always the best course of action. Genetics play a huge role in what you can get away with during bulking. You also might want to consider your health beyond weight gain. Some food items can simply lead to bad heart health depending on the ingredients.

So how does one stay healthy during bulking while also avoiding putting on too much fat? Akim Williams says that the answer lies in cardio. Cardio is often given a bad name in bodybuilding as it can burn off muscle. While this is true – Akim finds it necessary to create a balanced cardio routine during the offseason. This helps cut fat without diminishing too much muscle.

In the long term, this makes it easier to cut when you get to the second phase of contest prep. There’s nothing worse than being unable to cut off all your mass before a show. This makes you look soft and puffy. Far from the shredded look needed to win a pro show. Consistent cardio throughout the year, according to Akim, helps build true conditioning. More than simply looking shredded on the day of a show, real conditioning is a 365 day commitment.

You can watch Akim Williams goes into more detail about his offseason training tips in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!