Russian Powerlifter Alexander Sedykh Breaks Both His Knees During 400 Kg Squat Attempt

Powerlifter Alexander Sedykh has seen better days.

The life of a competitive powerlifter can be truly taxing yet rewarding. To be a successful powerlifter you must be willing to put your body through hell in the attempt to grow stronger. If you hope to continue to break your own records you must be willing to push yourself consistently.

But then there are times when pushing yourself can yield disastrous results.

Enter powerlifter Alexander Sedykh.

Looking to push himself to new heights, the Russian powerhouse recently attempted a 400 kg (881.8 Lbs) squat. The attempt didn’t go as planned. Alexander Sedykh ended breaking both his knees during the squat.

The whole incident occurred at the European Open. The good news, despite the horrific breaks, is that Sedykh is on the mend. To see the incident take a look at the video below.

“Dear friends!

Yesterday, at the European Open, a disaster struck our sports family. Our sportsman Alexander Sedykh was seriously injured. The athlete conquered 380 kg, but, unfortunately, on the next approach to 400 kg … (video in the carousel)

From the venue of the tournament, Sasha was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was urgently operated on for 6 hours.

The athlete himself does not lose heart! And already, moving away from anesthesia, he gave comments regarding the previous operation:

“Everything hurts, but we’re holding on 💪🏼
The forecasts are as follows: lie down for two months, do not move your legs! Then he learns to walk again, and to recover. This is according to the doctor.
The knee was assembled well, the doctor said, the quadras were sewn with a double stitch. I don’t know anything else yet! The doctor tried to talk to me in the morning, but I was apparently not adequate. Therefore, I really do not know anything. It seems like another wife writes that the meniscus broke and the tendons flew off. She talked to the doctor. Well, in general, they sewed everything. ”

A lot of athletes ask a question about how to help Alexander, and we also considered it the right decision to share the details of his wife with you. Any, even the most minimal financial assistance in this situation will greatly help a speedy recovery! We will definitely keep you updated on the condition of the athlete🙏🏻
be healthy and take care of yourself!”


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Дорогие друзья! . Вчера на Открытом Чемпионате Европы в нашей спортивной семье приключилась беда. Наш спортсмен Александр Седых серьезно травмировался. Спортсмену покорились 380 килограмм, но, к сожалению, на следующем подходе к 400кг… (видео в карусели) . С места проведения турнира Сашу увезли на скорой в больницу, где экстренно оперировали 6 часов. . Сам спортсмен не падает духом! И уже отходя от наркоза дал комментарии касаемо прошедшей операции: «Все болит, но мы держимся 💪🏼 Прогнозы таковы: два месяца лежать, ногами не двигать! Потом заново учится ходить, ну и восстанавливаться. Это со слов врача. Колено собрали хорошо врач сказал, квадры пришили двойным швом. Пока больше ничего не знаю! Врач пытался с утра поговорить со мной, но я был видимо не в адеквате. Поэтому толком ничего не знаю. Вроде как ещё супруга пишет, что мениск порвался и сухожилия отлетели. Она с врачом разговаривала. Ну вообщем все сшили.» . Очень многие спортсмены задают вопрос о том, как помочь Александру, да и мы посчитали верным решением поделиться с вами реквизитами супруги. Любая, даже самая минимальная финансовая помощь в данной ситуации очень поможет скорейшему восстановлению! Мы обязательно будем держать вас в курсе состояния спортсмена🙏🏻 будьте здоровы и берегите себя! . . Реквизиты для помощи: Сбербанк Номер карты: 5469 4000 3301 4346 Кристина Сергеевна С

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No guts no glory as the old adage goes, but this looked extremely painful. Hopefully Alexander Sedykh makes a full recovery from these nasty injuries.

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Managing Editor at Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.

Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.


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