An inside look into Stanimal’s Classic Physique training and prep just four weeks away from Olympia 2018.

ALL EYES ON OLYMPIA – is a docu-series focusing on Stanimal De Longeaux’s final four weeks of Classic Physique training and prep for the Olympia 2018. Each episode gives an inside look at a full day of diet, training, and mental preparation before the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Track Stanimal’s progress up to and through the Mr. Olympia 2018 in this all access digital series! New episodes air every Monday and Thursday!

The Classic Physique division is arguably the most exciting division happening right now in bodybuilding. With so many top class athletes signing up for the new category and only two years under its belt, anything can happen when the athletes step on stage. This makes the biggest Classic Physique competitions unpredictable – and one of those unpredictable wild cards is Stanimal De Longeaux.

Stanimal’s number one goal is to bring his best package to the Classic Physique Olympia 2018 and to hedge his way into the top 5 at Mr. Olympia – ultimately earning himself that first place champion trophy. With only four weeks left before the big show, nothing can be left to chance and every single moment of prep and dieting matters. That’s why in the premiere episode of All Eyes On Olympia the cameras dive head first into the hardcore daily training of Stanimal.

This is essentially an all access pass to see every single hour of Stanimal’s Olympia 2018 prep. In our first episode, we follow Stanimal through his current training regiment from sunrise to sunset. He trains twice a day – often with IFBB Pro legend and Men’s Open top competitor Shawn Rhoden – and is measuring his meals down to the kilogram in order to perfect his physique.

Track Stanimal’s Classic Physique progress during these final four weeks starting with our premiere episode above!


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