The Anabolic Doc: Don’t Be Fooled – Bodybuilders Suffer From Steroids Quietly

The Anabolic Doc warns: Even healthy looking steroid users might be suffering in private.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka the Anabolic Doc, has dedicated his entire career to studying the effects of steroids and other anabolic substances on athletes. He has always tried to bridge the gap between the hard truth of science, and the psychology and desires of athletes that use PEDs. He understands why athletes might be willing to take health risks for greatness. But he also wants to make one thing clear – long term steroid use will always have consequences.

While doctors and scientists have always been making such alarming claims, there are many who don’t believe it. This is largely due to the number of athletes who seem perfectly healthy after admitting to a career of steroid use. The Anabolic Doc wants doesn’t want people to be fooled – just because an athlete seems healthy in their older age, doesn’t mean they actually are. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, the Anabolic Doc explains how more often than not steroid users suffer quietly. Even if they outwardly appear to be healthy long term.

Most athletes who consider using steroids or other PEDs understand the risk they are taking with their health. Some athletes, in the pursuit of greatness, are willing to take that risk. But there are also a large swath of steroid users, both athletes and casual athletic individuals, who simply don’t know how bad the long term affects can really be.

This is due to the fact that famous athletes who get caught for steroid use, well, seem perfectly fine. Even long after retirement, a star athlete who had been caught doping seems to be living a normal healthy life. This kind of optics makes it easier to ignore the very real health issues that arise from long term steroid use. It’s this kind of optics that the Anabolic Doc wants to warn young steroid users about.

As the saying goes out of sight, out of mind. Things that are far off into our future are easy to ignore. This is especially true if there are no obvious warning signs publicly spoken about by iconic athletes. Outwardly, it appears that an athlete can use steroids, retire, stop taking steroids, and be perfectly fine – so long as they stop early enough. The Anabolic Doc can’t stress enough how untrue this idea is. While he can’t speak for every individual who takes steroids, his studies and experience prove this – most steroid users are suffering silently.

Dr. O’Connor details exactly the kind of private suffering that steroid users face down the road:


“We don’t know. Now, these men suffer quietly. I know, in this mind, because who comes to see me? They come to see me and they tell me the truth with their wife, their children, their mothers. And there’s a lot of tears. Because thy have heart disease and kidney disease. And they have psychiatric disease.”

The Anabolic Doc can’t speculate on specific high profile athletes or individuals – as he doesn’t know them personally. What he can rely on is the years of clients and data from studies that show how much suffering long term steroid users face. What goes on privately can be vastly different than what we see presented in public.

You can watch the Anabolic Doc’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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