Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, explains whether or not organic food is actually healthier.

As food culture and health has evolved over the years, vegan diets and grass-fed organic foods have been on the rise. But when it comes to the organic label slapped on food across grocery stores – is it legitimately healthier or just a scam? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, the Anabolic Doc goes into detail on what you should be eating to stay healthy as a bodybuilder.

You’ve likely seen the label in every grocery store you shop at by now. Organic food is now a monicker for a healthier way of eating. But the question is – can you really trust that these organic foods are healthier? Or is it simply a new trend that convinces people they are being healthy but there’s actually little difference?

That’s the question we posed to Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc. He’s not a dietitian by any means but he certainly has a lot of knowledge about what is healthy for the heart. He thinks that organic and grass-fed food is healthier and explains in detail why that’s the case.

The Anabolic Doc recounts an interview he did with a┬álipidologist (a doctor who specializes in cholesterol). He details not only how carbs can be considered a “poison” for the human body, but also how eating organic meat can be healthier for the heart. According to the Anabolic Doc, it’s not a scam. What goes into the animals certainly has a factor on what goes into you when you eat it.

Lean grass-fed organic meat is the way to go. Of course, this only matters if you stay consistent with it. The Anabolic Doc makes it clear that these sorts of organic foods aren’t a temporary fix for your heart. It needs to be a lifestyle change. But if you can dedicate to that change – the extra cost for organic meats is worth it.

You can watch The Anabolic Doc go into full detail in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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