Was Andrew Jacked at 100% at The Arnold Classic UK?

Andrew Jacked was great at the Arnold Classic UK, but was he at his best?

Was Andrew Jacked at his best at the 2022 Arnold Classic UK? After picking up the biggest victory of his career, talk amongst bodybuilding fans and pundits have shifted to whether Andrew was at one hundred percent.

There’s no doubt about it, Andrew Jack is the real deal. After securing a victory at the Arnold Classic UK this past weekend, Andrew once again proved that he is one of the best up and coming bodybuilders on the scene today. He showed impressive musculature and stage presence to ultimately outduel the competition which included James Hollingshead, Patrick Johnson, and Martin Fitzwater.

Despite his impressive victory at the show, some bodybuilding fans and pundits are all asking the same question. Was this Andrew Jacked at one hundred percent?

The questions have arisen mostly due to statements made by George Farah and Andrew Jacked himself. Apparently, Farah had mentioned that the form Andrew showed at the Texas Pro wasn’t the bodybuilder at one hundred percent. Essentially it created the expectation that Andrew would be even more impressive at the Arnold Classic UK. While what we got was still rather impressive, it wasn’t too much different than what we saw at the Texas Pro.

Only The Beginning?

That being said, Andrew Jacked was still able to command the stage at the show. While James Hollingshead and Patrick Johnson both looked impressive in their own right, Andrew simply commanded more attention.

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It’s clear that Andrew Jacked has the potential to be a future top contender in the sport. Having only competed in two IFBB Pro League shows and beating out some veteran competition, Andrew has what it takes to break into the top 10 at the Olympia. With that said, he’ll have to add some more size to his back as well as dial in his conditioning a bit more. If he’s able to achieve both of those goals we could be looking at a future Mr. Olympia in the making.


X-Factors to Consider

Some things to consider about this current state of Andrew Jacked. It’s possible that this version of Andrew is actually his one hundred percent form. His physique looks a bit smoother than it had at the Texas Pro. As such that suggests a couple of things; one: that he took his foot off of the gas a bit before the Arnold Classic UK or two: this was always Andrew’s top form.

The likelihood is the former option not the latter. More than likely Andrew Jacked still has another gear to access before the Olympia. With the 2022 show right around the corner in December, Andrew likely needs just a bit of time to recover and fine tune things before stepping on stage with the best in the world. If he brings this same form to the Olympia it’s possible he could break into the top 10. If he’s able to nail his conditioning, he could potentially could break the top 6. Either way, Andrew has the potential to go far, he’ll just have to add a few pieces to the puzzle before he can contend with the top of the division. He’ll need to work on his back development, his lower back, glutes, and hamstrings in particular.

What did you think of Andrew Jacked and his showing at the 2022 Arnold Classic UK?

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