Generation Iron Andrey Malanichev Raw Squat Record

The lift of lifts.

What drives a man to achieve eternal greatness? Is it for fame, glory, respect? Perhaps to impress the masses? Whatever the reason, professional athletes are always looking to take things to the next level and why not? It’s what draws people in as fans in the first place isn’t it, to see the impossible become a reality. It’s the reason why we’re blown away when a man can break a deadlift record or when a bodybuilder can compete on stage at well over 300 lbs. Spectacle drives attention, attention spreads awareness and through that you earn the respect of the masses.

The drive and determination to be remembered as one of the greats is perhaps the one thing that sets normal competitors apart from their fellow athletes. It’s what makes champions and likely was the formula that allowed Andrey Malanichev to break another world record. The Russian powerlifter is a true master at what he does and has already shattered world records in the past for the king of all lifts, the squat. This past weekend at the Boss of Bosses II event in California, the behemoth shocked the powerlifting world once again.


After setting the record with a 1,014 lbs lift, Malanichev would go on to destroy his prior personal best with an astounding 1,036 lbs raw squat. These days it seems that if you’re not breaking world records then you’re simply not working hard enough. Take a look at the wild video below, courtesy of OmarIsuf, of the Russian beast Malanichev further cementing himself as one of the greatest powerlifters to ever compete in the sport.

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