Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua 2: Who Won the Rematch?

Who won the rematch?

After the first battle between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua, many expected the sequel to be filled with just as many fireworks. While it did have it’s moments, the rematch played out in a very different fashion.

At the end of the day, Anthony Joshua took his host of heavyweight belts back from Andy Ruiz Jr.

Where many exchanges in the first bout took place in the pocket, both men throwing powerful combinations that hurt each other, the rematch featured a disciplined Anthony Joshua fighting behind his jab, sticking and moving, while Andy Ruiz Jr. fell short with power shots.

A major factor in this bout could have been the weight differences from the first match. Anthony Joshua came in eleven pounds lighter than the first bout, automatically indicating that he was looking to play a movement and speed game. Andy Ruiz Jr. came in heavier than the first bout, most likely to try and up his power.

Anthony Joshua demonstrated a great jab, endless conditioning, and a diligence to stick to a game plan. That kind of mindset shows that he has the intelligence and the will to change himself and his strategy, catering it to each opponent he faces.

For Andy Ruiz Jr. he shouldn’t hang his head after this bout. He showed the kind of heart that led him to his upset victory in the first match once again, never giving in despite being down on the score cards. Just as the Joshua’s loss turned out to be a learning experience so too will this losing effort benefit Ruiz in the future.

For now the glory belongs to Anthony Joshua and is a victory that he can be proud of as he obtained vindication. Will a trilogy fight be next? It seems unlikely, but what is certain is that these two will meet again down the line.

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