Antoine Vaillant gets the diagnosis on his torn bicep.

Antoine Vaillant is having a pretty rough time currently. With his eyes set on competing at the Toronto Pro and potentially qualifying for the Olympia, Antoine Vaillant now must sit on the sidelines as he awaits the full diagnosis for his injured bicep.

While we may have all been alerted to the injury last week, Antoine Vaillant is now getting the official diagnosis for his torn bicep and it’s not pretty. Check out the video for more details on Antoine Vaillant’s bicep injury.

Calum von Moger went through a pretty situation, his trials and tribulations captured on film for the Calum von Moger: Unbroken documentary. Calum von Moger was able to bounce back and we have no doubts that Antoine Vaillant will be able to do the same with time, patience, and some good doctors.

We wish Antoine Vaillant a full and speedy recovery.

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