Antoine Vaillant vs Jujimufu: Which Bodybuilder Has the Better Back Flip?

These are two acrobatic bodybuilders.

Over the course of the quarantine many discoveries have been uncovered. No, not the corruption and inefficiency of many of the actions taken to combat the global health crisis. That’s it’s own unique tale in it’s own right. No, the discoveries I’m talking about are far more lighthearted in nature.

During these uncertain times there’s nothing like looking for fun stories to lift our spirits.

One discovery that fit the description was the revelation that 300 Lbs bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant is quite the acrobat.

Currently the market for acrobatic bodybuilders is filled by Jon Call better known as Jujimufu. Pretty massive in his own right, the massive Jujimufu has demonstrated time and again how agile he is.


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Deadlift Backflips with 540 lb (245 kg) powered by @reignbodyfuel & @kabukistrength Trapbar 💪

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So discovering that Antoine Vaillant had a history of tricking was pretty intriguing. But of the two tricking bodybuilders who has the better back flip? It’s an intriguing question, one that is subjective. That said, finding footage of these two massive bodybuilders spinning in the air was certainly fun.

First up is Jujimufu.

Does Antoine Vaillant beat Jujimufu’s feat of agility? Only one way to find out.

Who do you think had the better back flip?

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