Antoine Vaillant is looking pretty massive these days.

For many bodybuilders, the off season is the time in which a competitor will look to put on some added muscle and size in order to reveal even more muscle when they enter a cut. Where some bodybuilders need to just fine tune their musculature and work on problem areas, there are others that must work on overall muscle growth to give themselves more of an advantage on stage. This is the exact approach that Antoine Vaillant is taking with his off season prep.

Constantly making improvements and getting closer and closer to eventually hitting that Olympia stage, Antoine Vaillant is on a mission to improve his physique and show the world what he’s made of. He has recently set a goal for himself to make as much solid gains as possible in an attempt to take his weight past 300 pounds.

Now it appears that Antoine Vaillant has finally accomplished his goal and now weighs a massive 301 pounds. Few individuals can make it past 300 pounds and maintain their definition and muscle quality, but it appears that Antoine Vaillant is pulling it off.


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PHYSIQUE UPDATE. For the first time ever I hit over 300lbs morning weight, weighed naked before meal 1 at 301lbs today. Aiming for the @toprosupershow but we still to pack on muscle. Me and @dorian_hamilton are just starting anyway. HD Massthetics protocol. Quality mass, keeping tightest waist possible. Waist is bigger now than at my 250 depleted last prep of course, but it’s temporary. It’s all the food. It’s all about getting the meals in lately, pretty much feels like a full time job. Respect to @jaycutler he pounded meal after meal after meal for years like a machine. It’s not easy, maybe because it’s the first time I’m doing it. Let’s not even talk about the food intake of guys like @shawstrength lol…. respect. Before anyone asks I am 183 cm. @redcon1

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