Apple To Launch Apple Fitness+ Subscription For Virtual Workouts

In an attempt to compete with other fitness streaming services such as Peloton and Amazon’s Halo, a wrist-worn health and fitness tracker, Apple launches a new workout subscription service for Apple Watch.

Apple today announced a new subscription service called “Apple Fitness Plus,” an all new fitness subscription that provides guided workouts via metrics supplied on Apple Watch.

With Apple’s new Fitness Plus service, Apple will be able to capture a piece of the subscription market and earn revenue while making valuable inroads into Health and Fitness. Similar to Peloton, Apple Fitness Plus will allow you to pick any workout video from the App on any of your Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhone and iPad to begin.

As many already know, Apple Watch syncs and load your heart rate, calories burned and track your data onto the Fitness Plus service. Users will then be able to see their data on any of the screens they desire. CEO Tim Cook believes “Health will be Apple’s Greatest Contribution to Mankind”.

Apple Fitness PlusTo date, Fitness Plus is Apple’s most ambitious attempt to keep pace with the health wearables market and compete against Amazon’s Halo, Fitbit and WHOOP, another wrist worn fitness tracker and membership product. Apple is keen on grabbing a pie of the healthcare and fitness pie.

Wearable fitness subscriptions will play a big role in the trillion dollar Tech industry and the wearables market is expected to surpass 50B by the end of 2020. Apple’s Fitness Plus is expected to cost  $9.99 per month or $80 per year in the US market. The service will be available by the end of 2020 and users can receive a free 3 months with a purchase of a new Apple Watch. The service will be led by elite trainers who will be able to provide a variety of guided workouts in real time.

The service will include strength training, core, rowing workouts, HIIT, yoga, cycling, dance and a variety of cardio routines on treadmills. There will be no need to connect to devices or equipment like Tonal or Peloton and workouts will be updated weekly with your preference of Apple Music Playlist.

In the end, we do not know the impact these services will have or the competition it will bring to other major fitness influencers that have their own subscription services. However, one would presume this will open up the door for more specialized programs, subscriptions and innovation from other big Fitness names, publishers and tech firms.

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