Arash Rahbar explains the key reason why many people argue that 90s bodybuilding was superior to today.

So long as there is the internet, there will be debates on almost every topic. But for bodybuilding, one of the biggest debates currently is 90s bodybuilding vs modern bodybuilding. The main topic of the argument is that bodybuilders in the 90s are far superior to those competing today. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Arash Rahhar details how genetics and luck are the biggest factor that makes 90s bodybuilding stand out.

During our time conducting exclusive interviews with a wide variety of top names in bodybuilding – we always make sure to ask them about 90s bodybuilding. Especially over the past few Olympias, there has been constant arguments that modern bodybuilding has declined since the 90s. Is this really true? And if it is – what is the main cause behind it?

Throughout speaking with many pro bodybuilders and trainers – a variety of reasons have been addressed. Some think it’s the evolution and reliance on new drugs. Some blame social media creating a worse work ethic. Others have even blamed cheat meals becoming too extravagant and often compared to the past.

There can be a counter point to each and every one of those arguments. This is a point that Arash Rahbar brings up in our recent interview. He acknowledges that social media can create distractions – but thinks that only affects a small portion of bodybuilders. He understands that drugs have changed – but doesn’t see that as the number one reason for changes in physiques.

Instead, Arash Rahbar has one very specific reason for the difference between 90s bodybuilding and today. In essence, it has everything to do with luck.

Arash Rahbar points out that the 90s era of bodybuilding showcased the most genetically gifted bodybuilders of all time – all competing at the same time. While there are pro bodybuilders with superior genetics today – the volume of high-end genetics is lower than the 90s.

“First of all, the 90s bodybuilders with Kevin, and Shawn, and Flex, and Ronnie, and Dorian and Nasser… they were the most genetically gifted bodybuilders ever all competing at the same time,” Arash Rahbar states in our interview. He continues:

“That’s first of all. That’s something that you should really note down. Now at the Olympia there are maybe two guys that are absolute genetic gifted freaks. And everyone is genetically gifted, don’t get me wrong. But back then it was a different level.”

Ultimately, genetics are not something any athlete can choose. No matter the hard work or dedication – someone who works just as hard with better genetics will come out on top. It seems what Arash is pointing out, is that the 90s era simply had the luck of many genetic freaks all competing at the same time.

Yes, other factors such as drugs, work ethic, social media, and more can play parts in each era’s bodybuilding culture. But all of those fall to the wayside under the shadow of pure godly genetics. To Arash Rahbar, that’s the obvious element that shines above all else.

You can watch Arash Rahbar explain in more detail in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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