Arash Rahbar talks about Men’s Physique aesthetic getting more muscular and how vital genetics play in the division.

Arash Rahbar might compete in Classic Physique currently but he got his start in the Men’s Physique division. Now that he has stepped away from Men’s Physique, we decided to ask him his thoughts on the evolution of the division over the years. Has it gotten better or worse? In our latest GI Exclusive, Arash Rahbar talks about the changes in Men’s Physique and how genetics are more important than ever.

During our conversation with Arash Rahbar about Men’s Physique, one thing is made perfectly clear. The division’s athletes now carry much more muscle mass and size than they did when the division was first introduced. Men’s Physique has evolved from simply being a beach body competition to bigger muscle and more unreal physiques.

We asked Arash Rahbar whether or not this change in physique size is better or worse for the division. Arash feels confident that Men’s Physique is better than ever. That the bigger physiques simply showcase how much more excellence has appeared in the division.

In fact, he finds the evolution of Men’s Physique perhaps even more impressive than Men’s Open. His reasoning behind this is that Men’s Physique still need to maintain a V-taper and small waist. It’s a necessary factor for the division. Men’s Bodybuilding can go all out in every direction. Yes, a V-taper certainly helps in Men’s Open. But that division is able to show excellence in a variety of different body types.

Arash Rahbar believes that because of this – genetics are extremely important for Men’s Physique. He thinks that genetics matter even more than in Men’s Open. A Men’ Open bodybuilder with less than stellar genetics can work hard enough to bulk up and become a menacing mass monster. But a Men’s Physique competitor cannot use hard work to make their waist genetically smaller.

Yes, diet and cutting can help bring in solid conditioning. But if you genetically have a wider waist – you are at a severe disadvantage as Men’s Physique competitor. Furthermore, since the division relies more on “resting” poses rather than mandatory flexes like Men’s Open – it requires even more attention to perfect conditioning. It’s harder to hide the flaws.

This is what Arash Rahbar respects the most about Men’s Physique. While he may have moved up to Classic Physique for his own personal goals – he still has his heart in Men’s Physique. He’s proud of how the division has evolved and thinks that the combination of small waists and bigger muscle has shown a division that is now in it’s prime of talent.

You can watch Arash Rahbar’s full comments on the evolution of Men’s Physique in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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