Generation Iron Eddie Hall Deadlift

He’s the deadlifting king for a reason.

Every bodybuilder knows just how difficult training can be. You put your body under a tremendous amount of stress in order to see some noteworthy gains. Whether it’s the bench press or the squat, lifting weight is the name of the game if you want to put on size. The thing about bodybuilding is that it has less to do with strength than it does with hypertrophy in order to get sculpted muscle. Now that’s not to say bodybuilders don’t push heavy weight. Like Ronnie Coleman said before, if you want to put on some muscle mass then you better be prepared to lift some heavy ass weights. But when you compare a bodybuilder to a strongman, then you’ll see the major strength discrepancy between the two. The training is intense and all about explosive strength.

If you haven’t seen Eddie Hall train in the gym before then you’re missing out on something special. The man has won multiple European Strongest Man titles proving his lifting ability and strength are truly special. Recently Hall broke the world record for a deadlift at the Arnold Classic in Australia as the Austrian Oak himself cheered him on. The feat was truly impressive and an inspiring and frankly frightening display of the Englishman’s superior strength.

When it comes to training, Hall is no nonsense and pushes himself to the limit in order to contend with his rival strongmen, all of them just as strong, just as intense, just as determined to take the number one spot. For the uneducated, strongmen all appear to be overweight men who lack endurance and are only concerned with lifting up heavy weight in one shot. Well, Eddie Hall’s training video below proves that theory to be completely false. Check it out.

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