Arian Saeedi Looks To Become First Female Kurdish International Competitor

Arian Saeedi is ready to break barriers.

Arian Saeedi, born Rojhilat, is a female bodybuilder who will compete in an Olympia qualifier in July. She told Kurdistan 24 that she hopes to be the first female Kurdish bodybuilder to compete on the international stage.

Saeedi began competing in the United States in 2017, when she took first-place in the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) pro-bikini category. Since then she has only improved and is currently ranked number one in the US for the OCB’s natural bodybuilding pro-bikini category. She is also ranked number three in the world in the same category.

She said that bodybuilding in Iran was difficult, because of laws and stigma. Her current residence in America allows her the freedom to fully pursue what she loves,

“I’m so happy that I’m here and that I have the opportunity to compete in bodybuilding or fitness competitions,” she said. “As a woman from the Middle East, back [in] my country, I don’t have the opportunity to compete because of…all those restrictions on women.”

On her Instagram, Arian said she grew up as a gymnast, and lacked lower body development. Then as she grew into adolescence, Arian quit gymnastics and dedicated herself to bodybuilding:

“Hanging a picture of @jlo (My role model and dream body??)on the wall. Every single day after workout I compared my body with Jlo in mirror and I said to myself: “not yet!”?? I used to wear big shirts and baggy jeans jus to hide my body cuz I hated it! But after couple years I was getting lots of compliments ab my shoulders and glutes!! Even people asked me to guide them how to workout!!”

From her Instagram, it appears Arian has aspirations to one day be a WBFF Diva. Bodybuilding is a common background for many pro-wrestling superstars. Arian certainly has the look and accent to make a unique character.

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