Watch The Arnold Classic 2020 Men’s Open Prejudging Replay

Arnold Classic 2020 replay: Watch the Men’s Open Battle For First Place.

The Arnold Classic 2020 Men’s Open prejudging round has come to a close and it seems like we have a clear top 3 going into the finals. This year’s Men’s Open category has been widely considered one of the best in recent memory for the Arnold Classic competition. So did these top pro bodybuilders meet the fan’s high expectations?

For those who didn’t watch along with the live stream of the Arnold Classic Saturday prejudging round,the Arnold Sports Festival have the full finals night available to watch on replay. We’ve set it to start right where the action begins for the Men’s Open prejudging individual posing routines and comparisons – you can check it out right here.

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The Men’s Physique callouts cultivated in a top 4 comparison between Steve Kuclo, Dexter Jackson, Big Ramy, and William Bonac. Both Jackson and Ramy were kept in the center alongside a consistent Bonac. Jackson was swapped out from the center two spot and replaced with Ramy in a dramatic final moment. But it’s still anyone’s game as to who will be the final top 3.

Past competitions have shown how much a competitor can take the information from the prejudging rounds and make final last minute touches for an enhanced physique in the finals. At the moment, William Bonac looks to be standing strong as the likely first place winner – but will Dexter Jackson or Big Ramy be able to make some tweaks to knock Bonac out of his pedestal?

We’ll find out soon enough when the Arnold Classic 2020 Saturday night finals tonight at 7pm EST. Stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for continued coverage of the event.

Previous Arnold Classic Winners

  • 1989: Rich Gaspari
  • 1990: Mike Ashley
  • 1991: Shawn Ray
  • 1992: Vince Taylor
  • 1993: Flex Wheeler
  • 1994: Kevin Levrone
  • 1995: Michael Francois
  • 1996: Kevin Levrone
  • 1997: Flex Wheeler
  • 1998: Flex Wheeler
  • 1999: Nasser El Sonbaty
  • 2000: Flex Wheeler
  • 2001: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2002: Jay Cutler
  • 2003: Jay Cutler
  • 2004: Jay Cutler
  • 2005: Dexter Jackson
  • 2006: Dexter Jackson
  • 2007: Victor Martinez
  • 2008: Dexter Jackson
  • 2009: Kai Greene
  • 2010: Kai Greene
  • 2011: Branch Warren
  • 2012: Branch Warren
  • 2013: Dexter Jackson
  • 2014: Dennis Wolf
  • 2015: Dexter Jackson
  • 2016: Kai Greene
  • 2017: Cedric McMillan
  • 2018: William Bonac
  • 2019: Brandon Curry

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